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Happy Monday, brave hearts! This week we are doing something new and fun on the blog called FRIENDSHIP WEEK, which has me all heart eyes for days. It all started when I moved to Colorado at the beginning of the summer. Beth and I went to camp one Sunday in July to say hi to friends and realized it was LITERALLY the 10 year anniversary of our friendship (Instagram proof just in case you don't believe me!) Ten years ago that day we were both dropped off in the Rocky Mountains for five weeks to spend on the Crew program at Eagle Lake Camp.

So we've been celebrating our 10 year friendversary pretty much these last four weeks and wanted to spend the last week of camp (even though it has been years since we were there) celebrating friendship - not just ours, but all of ours!

We would like to welcome you to FRIENDSHIP WEEK! I know a lot of you follow both of our blogs so we wanted to invite you into our friendship and we also wanted to have some fun. There will be cool things in store for the rest of the week (maybe even a giveaway - hint, hint, wink, wink) and we are starting the week off with a riveting game of Truth or Truth.

We call this Truth or Truth because you cannot really do truth or dare over the world wide webs. ;) I mean, I guess you could if you really wanted to, but we're trying to keep things as simple as possible for you guys. ;) I've got 5 questions on my blog and Beth has 5 on hers, so make sure you check out both posts to get all the gooey details!

Answer the questions below honestly and truthfully because this is a truth-telling game, obvi! Feel free to join in and write your answers in the comments, on your Instagram, or even in a blog post! Make sure to let us know if you are joining in, and use the hashtag #friendshipweek 

Meg: Beth and I met ten years ago this summer. It was the summer we both turned 17, and we were spending five weeks serving on the CREW discipleship program at Eagle Lake Camp here in Colorado. Jesus decided we needed to be best friends, so he put us both in the same tent and the same Bible study for the summer. We were inseparable besties during those weeks, and the rest is history.

Beth: I met Megan at camp in 2005 (I mean, I am sure you read the blurb above this game and already knew that but I'll say it again.) We met 10 years ago this summer at a camp in the Rocky Mountains called Eagle Lake Camp. We were fast friends, stayed in touch, came back together 6 years later to work together on staff, and I finally convinced her to move to Colorado this past May! It's the first time in forever that we are actually living in the same place. #bigdeal

Meg: Friendship means seeing each other as we truly are, and loving each other anyway. Shauna Niequist has some of the best words when it comes to real life friendships. "We don't learn to love each other well in the easy moments. Anyone is good company at a cocktail party. But love is born when we misunderstand one another and make it right. When we cry in the kitchen, when we show up uninvited with the magazines and granola bars, in an effort to say, I love you." Friendships are fun and adventurous and hard and so, so rewarding. I believe Jesus always meant for us to live in community and to do the hard work of investing in relationships. There are friendships that come and go and others that stay for life, but I believe all of those relationships are for a reason, help us grow, and change us for the better.

Beth: This is the short answer of course, but as humans we were made to be known, loved, and part of community. There are so many different needs we have and so many types of relationships in our lives - family, spouses, friendships, etc. Friendship is that laughter, that normalcy, that reminder of what life is about, that person you can cry with (even about the stupidest things), and that encourager. I think there are some people who stay longer in this category and some who are only part of our lives for a season, but we need them as we go. 

Meg: Sometimes I think abandoning my best friend for a boat load of money would be a great life decision, and then I think, mmmmm better not. Nothing can replace a good friend. :)

Beth: Ehhhrm, no! I know that I couldn't live without friendship.

Meg: I'm going to get all kinds of Disney nerdy on you right now. If we're talking Disney classics, Beth would be Belle...she even married a beast prince...AKA Bruce. Out of the modern Disney princesses, Beth would be Anna. Her strong will, fierce optimism, and loyalty to her family and friends, makes her so similar to Anna. Plus, she married a tall, blonde, Norwegian man. Seriously, Beth, I think you are an actual Disney princess.

Beth: EASY. Rapunzel, because she had been living in her Tennessee tower for her whole life and now she is here free and looking for Flynn ;) But for reals, I don't think she would have let me pick anyone else! She is growing out her hair. 

Meg: Flying!! I almost went with teleporting, but I realized I'd much rather fly and be able to see the world from above as I travel here and there and wherever I want. Can you imagine how much fun that would be?? I hope we can fly in heaven, like for real.

Beth: Flying super fast.... and being able to carry a lot when I fly also (like my friends, family, luggage, etc) I mean for real, would anyone say anything else??!? You could have free flights for the rest of you life!!!

Make sure you head over to Beth's blog to see the rest of our questions (She has some good ones I promise!) Also, feel free to join in and write your answers in the comments, on your Instagram, or even in a blog post! Make sure to let us know if you are joining in and use the hashtag #friendshipweek. XOXO. 



1 | Elsie girl loves to come visit me at my "castle work" so Aunt Beth brings her by and we walk and run and skip across the castle grounds. It makes my little heart so happy.

2 | Most days I still can't believe I get to work at a place this beautiful. I make the most of my breaks here and try to get in lots of walking and outdoor meetings. :)

3 | My weekends in Colorado always feel so full, in the best ways. This summer my weekends are always spent with my best friends: going to the farmer's market, grabbing coffee, cleaning the house, making meals together, working on the basement, and watching movies. Just being together is my favorite.

4 | This girl. We've been friends for ten years and we are still learning new things about each other. This whole living-in-the-same-city thing is super fun, a growing and learning process, and a great adventure.

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Not a Native | Old Colorado City




Last month I started a new series called "Not a Native" that is a way of documenting my adventures in this new city and state of mine. If you missed the inspiration for this series, here's a quick recap: There is a bumper sticker you will more than likely see if you happen to drive through Colorado. It has green mountains with white lettering that says "native". People are proud to be from this state. I get it. I love my home state too. There's another bumper sticker you'll see that is almost identical, and it says "not a native, but I got here as fast as I could!" That's me. ;) Not a native, but so happy to be here and incredibly eager to explore as much of Colorado as I can. So there you go, the inspiration for my new adventure series.

To me, adventures don't necessarily have to mean exploring the mountains and forests of the wild, wild west (although I do love those kinds of adventures), but they can also mean trying out a new restaurant, or learning your way around downtown, or checking out a new-to-you coffee shop. Each of those things hold a little bit of adventure. A few weeks ago, we headed to Old Colorado City for the morning to grab coffee, hit up the farmer's market, and go wherever the day might take us.

This little part of town has so much character and history. It feels old and important in so many different ways. In 1859, the original settlement, which was the eastern entrance through the mountains on your journey west, was renamed Colorado City and became the very first permanent town in the Pikes Peak area. Pretty cool, right?

Old Colorado City is one of my favorite spots to walk around, grab coffee at Jives Coffee Lounge, and stop in at the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory. One caramel apple for my best friend and me? Yes, please. #nomnomnom

Where are some of your favorite spots to explore in your city or state? Are you from Colorado? Leave me a comment with some suggested locations to explore! :) Stay tuned for more of my adventures in the "Not a Native" series as I continue to explore this new city and home.