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vests, outdoor research, down, outerwear

Welcome to March, Tristylers! A new month means a new style challenge, and I sure do hope it's still cold where you live because we are styling vests this month. :) I love this challenge because you all can wear whatever outfit you want with whatever vest you choose.

There I go rambling on about vests and style challenges, and you might be new here and have no idea what's going on! Let me take a moment to fill you in.

TriStyle & CO. is a collaboration between Samantha of Elah Tree, Elizabeth of Oak + Oats,  and me (Meg of Rivers and Roads!) Our goal is to encourage, awaken, and celebrate the inherent beauty in each one of us as we live in community. Community is a beautiful buzz word and we LOVE the idea of it but even more than loving the idea, we love bringing it! TriStyle & CO. is just that; a place for community and belonging. We'd love for you to join us on this fun style journey. Join the TriStyle & CO. community here!

vests, outdoor research, down, outerwear

YOUR MISSION: For the month of March we are styling vests.  See how each one of us style them and then show us how you style yours! We figured just about everyone already owns a vest, which will make it easy for you to participate! So pick out your favorite vest and show us how you style it via your blog, instagram, or twitter! Make sure to use the hashtag #TryStyleCo so that we can see your wonderful creations. The last Tuesday of every month (March 31st for this month!) we will be sharing our favorite posts, tweets, and instagrams with everyone!

HOW WE STYLED OUR SCARVES: Vests are my go-to outerwear for a Tennessee winter. They are perfect for keeping my core warm and my arms free. :) My vest was given to me as a Christmas gift this past year, and I don't think I have gone a day without wearing it. Ha! It's so comfortable and keeps me perfectly warm and cozy. I paired my vest with my GAP buffalo plaid shirt, fleece-lined leggings (the best), and Keen boots!  

SAM: I want to wear vests all day every day. I'm still adjusting to these New England winter's so I'm not able to run around just in a vest, but when I am able, it's my favorite. I'm also still working at making my wardrobe work for me and I've recently been working on mixing my workout gear with my everyday wear. And that is exactly what I did with this outfit. Athletic, fun, and comfy!

BETH: I totally brought Bruce into this challenge because men wear vests/ get dressed too! I also think he is super good looking. Best thing about vests is that they keep you warm, but not too warm. I have my absolute favorite Atheta Vest (that I am wearing in a million photos on the blog - here & here) with my Men's Gap Flannel (the girl ones just didn't cut it!), classic Gap skinny jeans, and my dear Chaco Boots. Bruce man is rockin' his stocking stuffer sunglasses from HuckberryGap puffy vestNorth Face hiking pants, and Chaco boots.

Keen, shoes, boots, snow

vests, outdoor research, down, outerwear

vests, outdoor research, down, outerwear, mittens

vests, outdoor research, down, outerwear

Don't forget to #TriStyleCo and show us how you style your scarf! 

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1 | Game time. Nerdy games are my jam, and I love having friends who enjoy them as much (or even more) than I do! Someone I know recently said that the nerds are able to obtain a certain joy out life that others cannot, and I totally agree. ;)

2 | Narnian adventures. We had over 6 inches of snow last week (which is a lot for us!) and I made sure to adventure out into the woods behind the house to snap some shots of the snowy magic.

3 | Boots for life. I wear boots just about every day during the winter months, but I only get to wear my Keen snow boots once a year when we get our one good snow. ;) They are so comfortable and I wish I had the opportunity to wear them more!

4 | Kid at heart. Guys, when it started snowing on Wednesday, I immediately turned into a five year old. I was skipping around the yard, taking pictures, and couldn't stop giggling. We went sledding the next morning and built a pretty ridiculous looking snowman. I wish we could have snow all winter long if only it would stay off the roads. That would be perfect!

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Into The Woods




Happy Friday, brave hearts! Yesterday I woke up, peeked out the window, and saw my world covered in six inches of fluffy snow. We really only get one good snow a year, and it's kind of exciting when we get anything beyond a dusting. I hopped out of bed, threw on my snow clothes real quick, and headed out into the woods with my trusty camera to capture the magic.

Snow is such a beautiful thing to me. It falls, the world stills, and everything is covered in a blanket of white, masking the the imperfections of the world. Snow feels clean. It feels refreshing, and it feels healing. It is always a reminder to me of how Jesus has washed me white as snow, and that is the way he sees me. I see my sin, my imperfections, and my failures, but in the eyes of my savior, I am as white and clean as that fluffy, freshly fallen snow. :)

We spent our morning sledding, laughing, making snow angels, and building a snowman while waiting for snow and ice on the roads to melt. Fun was had, friends. I hope I never grow up so much where I quit enjoying the small things in life like playing in the snow. Kid at heart for life. Who's with me?

Do you get snow where you live? Love it or hate it? What's your favorite snow related activity? Happy weekend! XOXO.