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1 | I've had a couple of coffee dates this week. They are my favorite, but these have been harder because they include goodbyes to my friends as I prepare to move.

2 | It has rained every single day this week, and we've had a lot of flooding throughout the city! I'm ready for spring days full of sunshine.

3 | My new laptop sleeve came in this week from KANCHA, and I am a little bit in love with it! The leather and the colors are perfect!

4 | Happy mail for days! April is my first month receiving ABM's Happy Mail subscription, and I absolutely love it!! You get so many adorable cards for half the cost of what you would pay for greeting cards in the store. This "can't stop, won't stop" is heading out to a friend this week!

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Here we are again, meeting for coffee at one of my favorite spots. I picked this place because I'm moving and it's the last time I'll get to stop by for quite some time. I'll give you a big hug, and we'll stand in line and chat as we wait. You'll order an iced chai and I'll go for my favorite iced white mocha. It's a gorgeous Tennessee day, so we'll grab a table on the patio and suffer through the blanket of pollen for the sake of the sunshine. I'll look around and quietly take it all in: the students studying for finals, that cute elderly couple sharing a scone, the guy sitting in the corner alone totally engrossed in a good book, and then there's you and me. Friends since forever, or at least it seems that way. We've walked through many seasons and adventures together, and now I'm off to start a new one.

You'll jump right into asking me about my quickly approaching move to Colorado, because honestly, that's why we are here. To say our goodbyes. I'll light up when I start to tell you about the new job, moving to a new city full of old friends, and beginning new adventures. But I'll say the thing they don't tell you about a dream coming true is that some others die in the process. A friend recently told me that just because God calls us to other places doesn't mean it is going to be easy and without sadness. I am sad that I will not be here to support a best friend as she becomes a mama in the next couple of weeks. I am sad that I will be so far away from family. I am sad that I won't be able to drive home on any given weekend. I am sad for all of the things I will miss out on here. I'll tell you that leaving the home town and people you love so much involves a certain grieving process. My emotional state is all over the place these days as moments hit me from out of nowhere that bring tears to my eyes. For instance, I started crying in the car the other day because I was worried my dog was going to forget about me. You'll giggle at me, but it happened! I told you, I'm emotional. ;)

I'll tell you that despite the inevitable sadness of leaving my life here behind, I'm also so excited for this move. I've wanted to move to Colorado over the past four years, and Jesus continually told me to wait and wait and wait. Now that the answer is finally yes, I cannot even believe it. I can't believe I get to live in the same city as my best friend. I can't believe I get work at one of my favorite places on earth. I can't believe I get to drive by Garden of the Gods and see Pike's Peak every day. I can't believe I get to learn how to drive in the snow. ;) I'll tell you how thankful I am for this opportunity, this gift that Jesus has given me. Tears will well up in my eyes as I tell you how thankful I am that Jesus made me wait four years. Although I couldn't always see it at the time, those years allowed me to grow, to figure out who I was, to nurture deeper relationships with my friends, and to learn more about who Jesus wants me to be. I needed those years. They have helped prepare me for this.

Since you're a reader of my blog, I'll talk about stepping back from this space a little over the next couple of weeks. I'm not completely vanishing. There will be posts, but I want to use the time I have left in Tennessee spent with friends and family. Also, let's be honest, I have a lot of packing to do. Don't worry, though. Once I get settled in Colorado, I'll be back full-time with lots of stories and adventures for you from my new home.

Even though you are smiling at me and nodding along, I can still see the sadness behind your eyes. You've been swirling the ice in the bottom of your cup for the last ten minutes just to distract yourself from what's coming. This is hard for the both of us, and I want you to know how cherished and valued you are as my friend. I love you dearly and will miss you so much my heart hurts. As Winnie the Pooh once said, "How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard."

Time is ticking away, but we don't want to leave. Eventually we'll toss our empty cups and head to the cars. This is it, the moment we've been dreading. I'll hug you tight, and oh my gosh, I'm so sorry I just got snot in your hair. We'll die laughing through our tears because we both know I've never been a cute or ladylike crier. In shaky voices, we'll say our "I love you's" and "see you soon, then's" before heading our separate ways, both seeking new adventures while treasuring the ones left behind.



Do you ever read blogs and wish you knew fun facts about those bloggers like you would a best friend? I know I do. So I started my "Five Things" series so you could get to know the random tidbits about my life!

1 | I started piano lessons when I was seven and played through high school.
I didn't always love it at the time, but playing piano was a huge stress reliever for me. In middle school, I decided I wanted to be a fiddle player, but my parents told me I could either do both or just piano because they would not allow me to quit. I didn't have time for both, so after a few weeks of fiddle lessons, my dreams of becoming the world's best fiddler came to an end. Now I'm glad my parents made me stick with one instrument and see it through to the end of school. :)

2 | One of my biggest pet peeves is when someone uses their cell phone while in a movie theater.
I cannot even tell you how much this frustrates me. First of all, everyone can see you and your bright-as-the-sun phone screen. Second, I paid (and so did you) to see this movie, so SEE the movie. Third, can you really not go two hours without looking at your phone? I think that says some sad things about our culture.

3 | I broke my nose in college during an ultimate frisbee game.
I passing this guy while running for the disc and he decided to turn at the exact time of me passing him. I was head-butted in the nose, fell to the ground, blacked out, and was bleeding from a big cut on my nose. I didn't know until later that night that my nose was actually broken. I ended up having surgery to fix the bone and had to wear a nose brace at night for a couple of months. It was really attractive.

4 | Coconut is not my favorite thing to eat.
I think it's a texture thing. I love the smell of coconut, but I don't like the tasted of it. EXCEPT for in Samoa Girl Scout cookies. I bet it's masked enough by the chocolate and caramel that I don't notice the coconut. ;)

5 | My family is related to Wallace the Bruce.
You know him. The king of Scotland in Braveheart. Yes yes, he was kind of a coward at the beginning but he finally stood up for what was right. I believe it was a cousin from my clan that married him. Thus, we are distantly related. Basically, I am Scottish royalty. ;)