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.the prettiest country from georgia to tennessee.

This weekend I traveled to Flowery Branch, GA to visit the Farris family.  I hadn't seen them since before I left for Texas.  Brittany was still pregnant, and didn't even know yet if the baby was a boy or girl.  Well she had a girl!  Annie was born at the end of August, and I've been waiting not so patiently to go visit them and meet her!

Here's some pictures from the weekend.

 Annie Farris. Drool Queen.

 That lip.  Cracks me up.

 Those eyes.

It took me all of .75 seconds for me to fall in love with this face.

 My beautiful friend, Bethany.

Ok if this picture does not warm your heart and make you smile 
so big it hurts, something is probably wrong with you.

We can't be happy ALL the time.

Love this little girl.

When we weren't laughing at all of Annie's little faces, we were singin' songs of course.  There were just a few we couldn't get out of our heads....

country strong...sorry. no video.


one of my new favorite songs. Natalie's dad says this band looks like they just escaped from a renaissance festival.  I agree.  Those boys need some hair cuts.  But I love the song.  if i die young.  Check it out.

Good weekend.

Goodnight y'all.


.you are the music in me.

Warning:  Some of the content of this blog post might be the most shallow I have ever posted.  You may lose a few brain cells.

So I like crafts.  I like scrap booking. (are you a scrapper?)  I like coloring.  Most of all I really love making cards.  Homemade cards are so much more personal, so when I have the time, I like to make cards for people.

Aimie left her watch here this weekend, so I had to send it to her and decided to stick a card in the envelope too.  She is the only person I will make zac efron cards for, and that is because she might be his biggest fan.  Let me just say that I laugh out loud at myself while I make zac efron cards.  I feel like a 12 year old girl...it's only slightly embarrassing.

You only need 3 things when making a zac efron card:

1. really awesome google skills so that you can find the perfect picture.
2. scrapper materials.
3. a tiny bit of creativity (if most the things you say are pretty cheesy, then you'll be just fine).

"Gotta get'cha get'cha head in the game."

"we're soaring, flying. there's not a star in heaven that we can't reach."

Also, if you make cards, you should probably have something on it that makes it yours.  In my family, we draw this house and "homemark" on the back of any card we make.  Homemark.  Like Hallmark...but at home. Ha. Ha. Get it?  Told you cheesy comes in handy.

I'd like to dedicate this post to Aimie Long and her love for Zac Efron.

Now.  I need to go read something for smart people.