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.today was a {fairytale}.

today a real life fairytale unfolded on my television screen.
what am i talking about?
prince william and kate got married!
what rock have you been living under?

kate was absolutely glowing in her gorgeous dress.
a perfect princess if i do say so myself.
everything about her was delightfully elegant.
and all seemed to go smoothly
{except for a slight problem with kate's ring. hilarious.}
come on, william. put a ring on it.

and then the kiss.
"this kiss! this kiss!"
{sorry. faith hill speaks to me.}

and i cannot stop laughing at precious little grace.
{the girl on the left}
she's obviously disgusted by the kiss
and terrified of the loud airplanes.
don't get me wrong.
i'm very sorry she wasn't having a grand time,
but i'm laughing so hard there are tears in my eyes.
i hope she looks back at these in 15 years and laughs.
this royal day wouldn't have been complete without prince harry.
{my favorite}

and why is he my favorite?
because he peeked while kate walked down the isle.
it was cute.
and because he rides in the kids' carriage.
he probably still sits at the kids' table.
i'm sure they have those at the palace.
he's really just a kid a heart.
and i love that.
prince harry,
we should be friends.

prince william and kate,
i wish only the best for you.


.creation's {symphony}.

"Praise the LORD from the earth,
   you great sea creatures and all deeps,
 fire and hail, snow and mist,
    stormy wind fulfilling his word!
Mountains and all hills,
fruit trees and all cedars!
Beasts and all livestock,
creeping things and flying birds!
Kings of the earth and all peoples,
princes and all rulers of the earth!
Young men and maidens together,
old men and children!"
{psalm 148:7-12}

i spent last night worshipping with 12,000 other people.
including abbey, alison, and laney.
i feel blessed to have had them with me.
it was amazing.
singing my heart out.
praising my Jesus.
worshipping without abandon.
completely free.
louie giglio spoke on the passage above.
we are all a part of God's grand symphony.
singing praises to Him.
each one of us was created with something unique.
something only He can hear.
something that glorifies Him.
and if you think He won't miss you in His symphony,
think again.
louie shared sound clips of stars turning on their axis lightyears away.
one star sounded like the rhythm of a drum.
another sounded like stringed instruments.
and then he played whales singing.
he put all three together and
it was one of the most eery & beautiful things i'd ever heard.
i was speechless.
we seriously have the most amazing Creator!
i stand in awe.

"the hands that flung the stars into space, 
to cruel nails surrendered."

it is finished.
sin is finished.
shame is finished.
guilt is finished.
self-righteousness is finished.
it is finished.


.a list.

i'm 22 years old and i still like to make friendship bracelets. 
thank you, laney.

my bffls came in town last weekend.
{including bethany!}
so glad she got to meet everyone.
we laughed til we cried.
and watched {rio}
you haven't seen it yet?
you should.  hilarious times.

i dreamed of eagle lake.
which in and of itself was a good thing,
except in my dream i forgot to pack important things,
a client from work was chasing me {scary}
i couldn't ever get anywhere on time,
and people weren't talking to each other.

speaking of eagle lake...
colorado in {25} days.
holy cow, batman.
time is flying.
i. can. not. wait.

heading to the atl tomorrow
for Passion's {good friday} service.
i'm taking some pretty cool people with me.
so excited to have this experience together.

over and out.


.{because} i knew you.

for you, best friends.
i'm so thankful you are part of my life.
that the Lord blessed me with your friendship. 
you have challenged me.
encouraged me.
loved me.
changed me.
for good.

i love you.


.{blessings} in disguise.

God tends to answer them in ways we don't expect.
or in ways we don't always want.
most times the answer or cure isn't as straightforward as we'd like.
this is where faith comes in.
knowing that whatever we are going through is for a purpose.
for our good.
because our God only wants good for us.
even if that means having to go through painful times in life,
they will bring us closer to Him.


.i done cut my {hairs}.

well folks.
it's official.
i got my hairs cut today.
for the first time in a YEAR.
well except for my bangs.
i cut those occasionally myself.
i'm the only one allowed to cut them.
not because i'm possessive or anything.
it's just my bangs had a very traumatic experience last year,
and they are still a little shaken up about it.
supposedly time heals all wounds.
we'll see about that.
i have a strange love/hate relationship with haircuts.
i love having my hair played with,
but i always fear having too much hair cut off...
because of another traumatic hair experience in high school.
don't worry.
i'm in therapy for all these horrifying hair events.
i still have nightmares of waking up and looking like this.
so now my hair is healthier.
i can whip my hair back and forth.
i whip my hair back and forth.
i whip my hair back and forth.
and i didn't cry after this haircut.
{this has only happened twice}
so apparently i was worried for nothing.


.{counting} stars.

tonight i sat out on the back porch and stared up at the moon and the stars.
this is one of my favorite past times.
to be silent and listen while the rest of my side of the world sleeps.
i love hearing the crickets chirp. 
listening to the stirring of the wind.
just around the river bend.
couldn't help myself.
the moon was so bright tonight.
a light in the darkness.
"if i say, 'surely the darkness will hide me
   and the light become night around me,'
even the darkness will not be dark to you;
   the night will shine like the day,
   for darkness is as light to you."
looking at the stars in the sky,
i am reminded and overwhelmed by the size of the universe
and how incredibly small i am in comparison.
so thankful for a God who finds me more precious than these things.
glad that He gives us beautiful creations like stars to gaze at.
amazed that He created something to give us light in the darkness.


.{i} have a dream.

can i tell you a secret?
that means you can't tell anyone.
okay? okay.

well i have a {dream}.
i mean i have a lot of dreams.
and this one is just one of those that would never come true.
but it sure would be fantastic.
you ready?
i'm not sure you are.
welp. here we go.

i'd {love love love} to be the voice of a character in an animated movie.
especially an animated movie that has singing.
don't laugh.
i'm honestly completely serious.
see here's the thing.
really it would be awesome to be in a broadway musical.
singin' my little heart out.
but i get stage fright. so that might not work out so well.
so i'll stick to singing into my hairbrush when no one's watching.
and singing in the car at the top of my lungs not caring who is watching.

animated movies are where it's at.
so the secret's out.
if you know anyone who needs a voice,
i'm their girl.
i'll even sing for free.
ok thanks.


.can i have a {tic tac}.

laney showed this to me tonight.
i wish my mom had filmed me after having my wisdom teeth out.
except i don't remember being this drugged at all.
my top favorite quotes.
{i found it. i found my chin.}
{i told you guys we're at NASA!}
{they're going to breathe fire on me!!}
{can i have a tic tac?}


.i'll wear my {pearls}.

in my younger days,
i read all of the {anne of green gables} books.
and watched the movies.
i loved them.
i loved anne's dramatic personality.
how she could go from "the lake of shining water" to "the depths of despair".
everything she said was so eloquently {yet dramatically} descriptive.
this scene always cracked me up.

and then {the band perry}
who mr. blair wright describes as looking like they 
"just escaped from a renaissance festival"
came out with this music video.
being the super intelligent person i am {not}
i put two and two together.


.home {away} from home.

it's six weeks away.
{it} being colorado.
6 weeks from today i will be in one of my favorite states.
{forty-two days away}
rocky mountains. take me home.
yeah i just mixed two john denver songs.
so what.
and in {44} days, i will be deep in the colorado mountains
seeing this wonderful place.

and for your enjoyment,
an extra photograph
{from 2005}

please notice the only girl in that raft.
yep. that's beth. 
oh beth. 
can we go rafting this summer?
ok cool.


.sweet {southern} comfort.

i'm from the south.
born and raised.
and i wouldn't have it any other way.
so needless to say,
when {britt} posted this picture of a frame {bethany} got her,
i smiled a lot.

the south {thee south} noun.
the place where...
{one} tea is sweet and accents are sweeter.
{two} summer starts in april.
{three} mac and cheese is a vegetable.
{four} front porches are wide and words are long.
{five} pecan pie is a staple.
{six} y'all is the only proper noun.
{seven} chicken is fried and biscuits come with gravy.
{eight} everything is darlin'.
{nine} someone's heart is always bein' blessed.

y'all come back now, ya hear?


.spiritual {armor}.

it's monday night.
which means it was core group night.
and tonight i had decided to give the girls some homework.
to share and talk about a favorite passage, verse, or something they had read.
i loved it all. 
such great passages.
one was {ephesians 6:10-20} which says,

"10Finally, be strong in the Lord and in the strength of his might. 11Put on the whole armor of God, that you may be able to stand against the schemes of the devil. 12For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the cosmic powers over this present darkness, against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly places. 13Therefore take up the whole armor of God, that you may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand firm. 14Stand therefore, having fastened on the {belt of truth}, and having put on the {breastplate of righteousness}, 15and, as shoes for your feet, having put on the readiness given by the gospel of peace. 16In all circumstances take up the {shield of faith}, with which you can extinguish all the flaming darts of the evil one; 17and take the {helmet of salvation}, and the {sword of the Spirit}, which is the word of God,18praying at all times in the Spirit, with all prayer and supplication. To that end keep alert with all perseverance, making supplication for all the saints, 19and also for me, that words may be given to me in opening my mouth boldly to proclaim the mystery of the gospel, 20for which I am an ambassador in chains, that I may declare it boldly, as I ought to speak."

while talking about this passage,
abbey mentioned something that i don't know i've ever actually thought about.
notice how every part of our spiritual armor protects the front of the body.
whoa. why? 
because in this spiritual battle we fight, there is no retreat.
our God walks beside us and equips us.
we will not be turning back.
we continue marching on.