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.you have a {choice}.

my life has been full of discouragement.
discouraging thoughts that i have allowed to seep into my soul.
thinking that i'll never be good enough.
that i'm not worth it.
insecure much?
the list goes on.
but those are all lies.
lies that i allowed myself to believe.
but i know there are a million truths for every lie.
jesus tells me i am worth it.
that i am precious.
and chosen.
and honored.
and loved.
i have a choice.
i won't let the lies of this world rule my life.
i have something better.
something eternal.
i. choose. joy.


.the little things.

it's the little things that matter.
this is what i was reminded of today,
thanks to a text from a pretty neat friend.
life is dumb a lot.
but in the midst of the crumminess,
there is lots of good stuff.
the bible.
your family.
the outdoors.
your cousin.
leaves turning.
try to see God everywhere in the beauty of this life.
His joy.
so good.
thanks for putting things into perspective for me.
i love that you threw nutella in there.
that's so you.


.brave {heart}.

so excited for this movie.
because i love pixar.
and kilts.
and scottish brogue.
and bagpipes.
and rolling hills & mountains.
and rugged coasts.
and misty meadows.
and the lochness monster.
and thistles.
and courageous little people.
and scotland.


.i will sing out {hallelujah}.

all the hearts who are content
and all who feel unworthy
and all who hurt with nothing left
will know that {you} are holy.
in all the seasons of my life
when i'm content,
when i feel unworthy,
when life hurts too much,
 i will cry out hallelujah.
i will speak your name.
i will love you.
worship you.
with all that i am.
{you are my praise}