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.hope & faith.

it calls us to be patient.
it gives us strength & confidence
to run the race,
fight the good fight,
and endure the trials of this life.
it is the assurance of things hoped for.
it is a confident expectation & desire for good things in the future.
it is the conviction of things unseen.
some of these [unseen] are not in the future.
faith can look back to creation as well as forward.
faith is the big idea.
it includes hope.
but it is more than that.
hope is faith in future tense.
hope that is seen is not hope.
who hopes for what he sees?
we hope for what we do not see.
we wait for it with patience.

i am a prisoner of hope.
[zechariah 9:12]
i love how this verse changes our perspective.
it takes a word with negative connotations
and turns it into something positive.
something beautiful.
hope is a promise.
a covenant.
one that won't be broken.
it will be fulfilled.
one day.
be patient.


.be brave.

war horse.
a truly beautiful movie.
a story you won't soon forget.
a story about a horse and his boy.
a story of bravery.
a story of kindness.
a story of loyalty.
a story of friendship.
my emotions played tug of war with my heart.
i laughed.
i cried.
i felt the pain of loss and the joy of life.
it was simply breathtaking.
i might start crying again just thinking about it.
what are you still doing sitting there?
go see it now!


.i love birthdays.

i love birthdays.
i love celebrating other people.
or in this case, my dog.
your family might not celebrate your dog's birthday,
but we sure do.
our pup is part of our family.
she's got a personality and quirks 
just like we do.
and we love her.
she's a comforter.
she's understanding.
she's playful.
she's funny.
she likes to pretend she's a reindeer.
she loves unconditionally.
she has eyes that exude love.
it's like looking into her soul.
and she will forever be a puppy at heart.


.expect the {un}expected.

he didn't come the way we expected.
he didn't come as a warrior.
the way people dreamed he would.
he came as a child.
a baby.
so vulnerable.
so helpless.
he came as one of us
that he might live among us.
that he might feel what we feel.
he had to be made like his brothers 
in every respect, 
so that he might become
 a merciful and faithful high priest
 in the service of God,
to make propitiation
 for the sins of the people.
[hebrews 2:17]
he didn't come the way we expected.
he didn't come the way we wanted.
he came the way we needed.
although we couldn't see the big picture at the time.
he knew what was best.
he always knows what is best.


.christmas cheer.

the countdown to christmas
{and many other exciting events}
has begun.
so expect lots of christmasy{ness}. 
yeah, i just made up a word.
deal with it.
so we all know how much i love music.
what you might not know is how much i love christmas.
which means i'm head over heels for christmas music.
you followin' me?
now since we're all gettin' into the christmas spirit,
{i've been there for a month now}
i'd like to share some of my favorite christmas songs.
or songs to listen to at christmas,
if you will.
or anytime really.
christmas in july?
now i'm just confusing myself.
here we go.
{the rescues}
[all that i want for christmas]


.{christmas} extravaganza.

thank you, alison womack
for calling me at 11:30 tonight
to tell me that dave barnes' new video was out.
reason #112 why i think you're awesome.
we discovered that after 5 wonderful years,
dave is no longer going to be dressing 
up in ugly christmas sweaters
or pretending to be santa
while saying insane things
and singing off key.
we will miss your craziness 
in the christmases to come.
thanks for the memories.
merry christmas.