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.oh my soul.

psalm 103.
this psalm quickly became one of my favorites this summer.
it's the one i always go to.
i refer to it constantly.
it stirs my heart.
it brings me to tears.
as believers, we need to learn to talk to ourselves.
i have full on conversations with myself, so this should be easy, right?
just like david, we have to tell ourselves to bless the Lord.
i think these things, but am i saying them out loud?
i should be.
because he
forgives all my iniquity.
heals my diseases.
redeems my life from the pit.
crowns me with steadfast love and mercy.
satisfies me with good.
renews my strength like the eagle's.

that's something to talk about.
start here. now.
don't wait.

and on that day when my strength is failing.
the end draws near and my time has come.
still my soul will sing your praise undending.
10,000 years and then forevermore.
bless the lord, oh my soul.
sing like never before, oh my soul.


.stuck on replay.

this has been on repeat for the past [two] hours.
i know.
what can i say?
it's how i roll.
i like to listen over and over.
to memorize words full of truth.
to let the lyrics sink into my soul.
and i find myself here on my knees again
caught up in grace like an avalanche
nothing compares to this love. love. love
burning in my heart.