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.birthday love.

you see that baby right there?
that's my cousin, laney. 
i was 5 years old. she was a month and a half. 
and yesterday she turned 18. eighteen.
how did that happen?
look how little she was. 
wasn't that just yesterday?
i'm so glad the Lord put her in my family.
because she's so much more than a cousin.
she's my adventure buddy.
she's my sidekick.
she's my sister.
she's my best friend.
i wouldn't want it any other way.

[yes. our code names are robin hood and little john. you're jealous. i know.]

happy birthday, little.


.adventure is out there.

i mean what a great day, y'all.
i got to sleep in.
i spent quiet time with Jesus.
then the sister and i went on a spontaneous hiking adventure.
she's my adventure buddy.
one on one time. oh yeah.
working a big girl job doesn't allow much time for such things during the week.
so i like to take advantage of the weekends.
i spent the day's end soaking up the last rays of light
and hanging out in my new [and free!] eno.
thanks, sister, for spending this beautiful day with me.

this is the day the Lord has made. 
i will rejoice and be glad in it.


.when i go home.

so i had this thought the other day.
me? having thoughts? cray cray.
but here it is.
i cannot wait to hear jesus laugh.
i mean really.
i. can't. wait.
i imagine the first time i see jesus, his laugh will be like the king in [tangled].
you know. rapunzel's dad.
at the very end of the movie, when rapunzel returns home, her dad laughs.
it's like this deeply rooted and quiet joy bubbling over with relief.
it's an [i've been patiently waiting and you're finally here!] laugh.
and that is what i imagine jesus sounding like when he welcomes me home.


.he is risen.

happy resurrection day!
a day of celebration.
the savior is risen and living!

christ is risen from the dead!
trampling over death by death.
come awake. come awake.
come and rise up from the grave.
oh death, where is your sting?
oh hell, where is your victory?
oh church, come stand in the light.
our God is not dead. he's alive.
he's alive.

now that is something to celebrate.
[luke 24: 5-6]
"why do you seek the living among the dead?
he is not here, but has risen."