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i will wait [for you].

now i'll be bold
as well as strong
and use my head alongside my heart
so tame my flesh
and fix my eyes
a tethered mind freed from the lies

cause i will wait, i will wait for you
and i will
wait, i will wait for you
and i will
wait, i will wait for you
and i will
wait, i will wait for you


hogwarts is real.

this weekend i spent some time at hogwarts.
i mean...the university of michigan.
who knew harry potter lived in ann arbor?


for the love of reading.

i love to read.
i was that kid with her nose always in a book.
reading was a way to escape to another world and have new adventures.
and it still is.

as i got older and busier, the pile of unread books grew.
but i missed it.
i knew if i was ever going to read everything i wanted to,
i'd have to make time for it.
so i've set new goals for myself…
reading a book every couple of weeks.
and. i. love. it.

i just finished [finding God in the land of narnia]
y'all. it is impossible to explain how much i love narnia.
i've read the books so many times.
in this book, the writers kurt bruner & jim ware,
explore the land of narnia and reveal the [kingdom story] woven throughout. 

as human beings, we all understand the deep rooted desire for something more.
jack lewis, understood that and his stories fuel that longing.
the desire of another world. the desire for something that will satisfy.
the narnian character that portrays this desire the most is [reepicheep].
reepicheep lives a desire driven life. his whole existence is a quest.
a quest to find aslan's country.
he never looked back. 
"his sights were set on a goal that lay beyond the boundaries of this world."
he's a character i can relate to.
that's where i want my heart and my desires to be.

in may of 1955, a mother wrote to jack lewis telling him 
of her son's concern that, after reading narnia,
he loved aslan more than he loved Jesus.
this was jack's response.

i. just. love. that.


august is for birthdays.

happy birthday to the one who taught me the importance of being silly.
love you, mama.


colorado love.

last week i flew out to colorado to visit some of my favorite people.
it was so wonderful to be back in my [other] home state.
it was a weekend of laughter, friends, and real conversations.
i didn't want to leave.
but guess, what??
i get to go back in 16 days for the best friend's wedding!!