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music & lyrics.

i love these folks.
they love Jesus.
and they're irish.

enjoy this good old foot stompin' music.
let the words sink deep into your soul.
oh. and feel free to dance.


some days i wish i could go exploring again with my brother.
back when days were longer and life was simpler.
and i had awesome bangs and less teeth to worry about.
back when we had matching rain jackets and camping hats.
back when we were pioneers in the woods behind our house.
back when he was my adventure buddy.

some days i wish.
today was one of them.


[unexpected] joy.

[i hope you have a day of unexpected joy]
those were the words sent to me by a precious heart this morning.
it's words like these that catch me off guard.
and make me tear up at work.
oh heck. tears run down my face.

and then coworkers suddenly walk into my cubicle unannounced
while i'm scrambling to find a kleenex.

it's small things like those words that remind me that i am loved.
that i am cared for.
that i am not forgotten.

thankful for daily reminders like this that Jesus loves me.
and that he has surrounded me with friends who have beautiful hearts.
who encourage me with words i need to hear.
and remind me that i never walk alone.


wonderfully random.

the bestie was in town this weekend.
5 years into our friendship and i am still learning new things about her.

what i learned this time?

nat does an incredible [marcel the shell] impersonation.
i also found out that she likes to repeat things i say in a [marcel the shell] voice.
who knew i was so entertaining?
apparently i say random things on a regular basis.
in a very matter of fact tone.
just like marcel.
no wonder i received the [most wonderfully random] 
award from my camp counselor in high school.
good to know some things never change.