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we'll be alright.

one of my favorites off the new album.
it was on repeat for a couple weeks.
thank you, mumford.

p.s. if you want an entertaining break down of [i will wait] from jon acuff's perspective, click here.


politics: a kid's perspective.

so the presidential election is coming up.
who knew, right?
the excessive amount of ads might have given it away.
or the unruly debates televised for all of us to see.
embarrassing, really.
take it away, kid president…


weekends are my favorite.

what up, homies?
[sorry, i don't know where that came from.]
anyway, this weekend i was in colorado visiting the best friend and her hubs.
they are the cutest.
it. was. great.
zoo animals.
awkward moments.
pumpkin carving.
animated movies. [the best]
it's all part of my crazy life.