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on this winter's night.

well folks, i adopted!…a puppy.

fun facts:
name: shadow
age: 15 months
weight: 48 lbs. 7 ozs.
due to her shaggy hair, she constantly looks like she just woke up from a nap.
she loves to snuggle. all day. every day.
she loves long walks and playing with her new sister in the backyard.
when she sighs, she sighs big.
she pulls her hind legs all the way around to her face when she sleeps.
(obviously prepping for pet olympics)
and her favorite color is grey.
prepare yourself for cuteness.

merry christmas eve, y'all!


christmas sillies.

remember this guy? he left and now he's back! it's a christmas miracle.
sit back and enjoy the sillies.
happy weekend, homies!
pound it. or should i say, flound it!


christmas melodies.

so i've been listening to christmas music for a while now.
like since before thanksgiving. gasp.
but because i've been listening so long, i've had time to put together a few of my favorites.

a top 10 list for you in no particular order:
lady antebellum - silent night [my favorite]
the glee cast - oh holy night [breathtaking]
bing crosby - white christmas [a classic: go watch the movie now]
matt wertz - tennessee christmas [we've had a white christmas ONCE]
david crowder band - angels we have heard on high [good foot stompin' music]
sufjan stevens - holy holy holy [a dash of hipster]
chris tomlin & audrey assad - winter snow [the reason for the season]
dave barnes - very merry christmas [feels like home]
zooey & joseph gordon levitt - what are you doing new year's eve [smiling all the way]
lea michele - auld lang syne [it's a wonderful life]

oh and one more because the kid in this is so cute. i wouldn't want y'all to miss out!
plus, i just love lady antebellum. a lot.


i'm gonna make this place your home.

dear monday,

let's just get this out there.
i love phillip phillips. always have. always will.
and i get teary eyed every time i hear [home]. every time.
why? i don't know.
maybe it's because he won me over every tuesday night last spring.
or maybe becuase it sounds very mumford and sons-ish. and i love me some mumford.
then [home] was used in the olympics. as if the olympics aren't emotional enough already.
then the best friend used it in her wedding. and the joy overflowed.
whatever the reason, it continues to pull on my heartstrings.
some days it stays on repeat. i hope you're okay with this...because i am.


behold the lamb.

i love traditions and our annual trip to nashville is one of them.
for the last seven years, my family and i have gone see andrew peterson's [behold the lamb] concert at the ryman auditorium.  i love christmas, music, and jesus, and this concert wraps all those things into one bundle of joy. the music never gets old to me. andrew peterson does an incredible job of telling the story of jesus through song.
confession: sometimes i sing along. and by sometimes, i mean every time.
so excuse me while i go do some vocal warm ups.
we are off to nashville after lunch, and i need to be prepared…

listen to the [behold the lamb] album here.

p.s. you may or may not have noticed that the blog is under construction.  thanks for bearing with me while i figure out the intricacies of photoshop and html :)


how he loves.

i don't know about you, but i had never heard the story behind this song until today. it's always been a favorite, and john mark mcmillan puts [love] into such a wonderful perspective. unconditional love.
the kind of love that's willing to love things that are messy, difficult, and gross.
john mark says this,
"in my anger, my resentment, in my frustration, he could still love me through that.  he's not offended at the fact that i'm angry at him."
jesus doesn't back away when we're angry with him. he doesn't let go. he keeps moving towards us. to show us how he loves.
grab a kleenex, watch, and listen to this story.

How He Loves : A Song Story from john mark mcmillan on Vimeo.


tacky christmas.

this is my core group.

we had our annual christmas party this week and it was great.
who doesn't love a good photobooth?
and by photobooth, i mean i hung a white sheet up in our basement and beamed with pride at my creation. too much, i know.
we wore christmas sweaters that would make your friends proud
and your grandmothers jealous.
we laughed until we couldn't breathe, told stories, and talked about the future.
i am forever thankful for my time with these girls.
i've been there to see them grow. laugh and cry. live and love.
and it has brought me so much joy.
life is a crazy beautiful mess. and i'm so blessed to have walked through the last three years with these precious people.



can i tell you something?
the past two days have been rough.
like [there's no chocolate in your house when you want it] kind of rough.
i spent a day being frustrated with jesus because things weren't going my way.
things i thought he had set in motion.
i wasn't getting what i wanted.
and i was mad.
and i didn't understand.
and i made sure he knew it.

then today, in the car by myself, this song came on.
and it broke me. 
jesus reminded me in the gentlest way possible that he is in control.
that nothing matters except for him.
i am not in control. he is. and sometimes i forget that.
i tend to hand everything over to him except for one thing.
one corner of my heart that i want to hold on to.
today he told me to surrender. everything.
and that's scary.
it's scary to hand my dreams over to him.
but you know what?
that's where they are safest.
in the hands of my all-knowing and loving savior is where i want my life to be.
nothing else matters.
i want for it to be a joy to say [your will, your way. always.]


christmas extravaganza.

last christmas i gave you my heart.
just kidding.
last christmas i told y'all about this guy named dave barnes.
a singer/songwriter/unoffical comedian hailing from nashville.
his music is great and all, but you want to know what i love most?
he knows how to be silly.

for 5 years, dave entertained us with his creative spin on christmas songs,
ugly christmas sweaters, and singing off key.
he retired feeling like santa dave had run it's course.
but don't fear, i think he'll be back someday.
until then, sit back, relax and enjoy the dave of christmases past.

if you made it through this, i'm proud of you.
we could be friends.
and you should check out [christmas extravaganza parts 1 - 4].


for the love of hobbits.

my dad sent me this video a little while back.
nerd alert:
we are both big [lord of the rings] fans.
so needless to say, this made me giggle. a lot.
if i ever travel to new zealand, i hope i'm on this flight.
just sayin'.

raise your hand if you're excited about [the hobbit]