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thankfulness lately.

lately i've been thankful for...

dinner dates with friends two nights in a row

puppy snuggles

bible reading plans and sweet moments with jesus

broken bones that heal themselves

my bff coming in town tomorrow to visit and keep me company

waving bears that make me laugh until i cry. seriously. you will watch it over and over.


on a scale of one to ten.

how cute it this?
it's pretty cute.
tom fletcher. raising the bar for men everywhere.
you're welcome, monday.


thankfulness lately.

lately i've been thankful for

friends who help me slowly hop up and down the stairs and then drive my car around so i don't have to slide down steep hills on crutches.

seeing stars in the sky after 9 straight days of rain.

snow flurries.

coworkers who honestly care.

long distance friends that make long distance work.

new reading plans that help me spend consistent time with jesus.

the les mis soundtrack. sorry, i'm obsessed.

skype dates to fill my evenings.

encouraging and meaningful conversations.

what have you been thankful for this week?

happy friday, y'all!


it's monsooning over here.

it's been raining here for years!
okay. four or five days, but still.
cloudy days can start to get to me after a while. don't get me wrong. i love a good rainy day where i can cuddle up with a blanket, cup of tea, and a good book. but days upon days of rain really start to get me down. i start allowing myself to throw pity parties. let's get real. nobody likes coming to those shindigs. i need more sunshine! and i'm reminded of how heavy darkness is. how it can so easily seep into your soul and affect your heart, which makes spending time with jesus so important. allowing the light to shine into every corner of my heart.

the best friend had some great suggestions today for getting into the word. head on over and check out some practical ways to spend personal time with jesus every day.

p.s. i've been listening to this song a lot lately. there's just something about it.

i was born to lift a song of hope. see the heavens open up. take this armor lest i die.
take this crown and let me fly.
i'm just singing. singing over you. come and lay your troubles down.
love is breaking through.


lessons learned.

things i've learned from having a broken foot:

you only have to find one shoe to wear instead of two. chacos are always a good choice.

people come up with all kinds of examples for you of how you broke your foot.

>> a woman at the doctor's office asked me if i'd broken it while cheerleading. me? a cheerleader? what a joke. she also thought i was 15 years old.

>> the medical team at the hospital said i should tell everyone that i broke my foot by kicking a bear in the face. totes hardcore.

walking around with crutches is going to give me super muscular arms. watch out, wonder woman.

you don't realize how much you do every day until you can't do it anymore.

therefore, it's okay to ask for help.

skinny pants are your best friend. 

i'm really good at standing on one leg. if anyone needs someone to play the part of a flamingo, i'm their bird.  but can my costume look like kevin from UP? okay thanks. i like to be different.

happy weekend!

p.s. my hair is clean and four shades lighter. glory be.


according to pixar.

these days, since showers are not allowed, i wake up with my hair looking like this…

and everyone's all like…

i'd like to thank y'all in advance for loving me through this phase.
it shall pass.


for the love of france.

fourteen hundred and sixty-three pages?
bring it.

i don't know about you, but there's just something about having an actual book in my hands.
no digital versions here.
i need to turn the pages myself.
i'm just old fashioned like that.


a day with bootleg meg.

i thought i'd share about my day. i know you're dying to hear. since i'm either stuck on the couch [due to a broken foot] or at the doctor's office [i just had surgery on my neck] these days, it's not much. but it's my day! you ready for this?

1. my outfit consisted of clothing other than yoga pants & a t-shirt for the first time in a week and a half. baby steps, people.
2. i remembered to put on deodorant today [pain killers also kill your memory]
3. a trip to target put me in a motorized wheel chair which was humiliating and hilarious. in case y'all haven't had this experience, those things go about 1.7 mph
4. i haven't gotten to wash my hair in 4 days [doctor's orders - don't judge me]
5. the les miserables soundtrack has been on repeat and i have memorized it word for word
6. naps
7. movies
8. naps

exciting stuff, huh? come back tomorrow where i'll show you how fast i can race down the hall on crutches! just kidding. i need to keep my other foot intact.

later homies,
bootleg meg


totes mis.

y'all. have you seen les miserables yet? no?? take a half day and go see it now. for reals. i saw it with my bestie a couple weeks ago and was simply left breathless. partly because i couldn't stop crying. and mostly because it was so incredible. the story of redemption woven throughout just gets me. every time.

i remember seeing the play for the first time when i was a little girl. my parents took my brother and me, and although i don't remember everything from that evening, i will never forget the relentless grace i saw extended to jean valjean by the priest. that picture has never left my memory. an example of the steadfast love and grace jesus has given to me.

so i make it through the movie without completely losing it until this song began. and then i lost it. i turned into a major weeper in a completely packed theater. i am not ashamed. i think about our homecoming in heaven frequently and this scene and song paints that longing for home in such a beautiful way.

even the darkest night will end and the sun will rise again.
they will live again in freedom in the garden of the Lord.

okay. go now! take some kleenex.


2013 has begun.

happy new year!
sorry i'm a little late, but this first week of 2013 has been kind of rough.
since i already have some other medical issues going on, i decided to go big or go home.
so i broke my foot yesterday.
i could tell you about how miserable this week has been or how much i don't understand my circumstances, but i won't.
instead, i want to tell you things i've been thankful for over the past few days.

1. the passion conference live stream
[it's over now but you can still give to freedom! pray. get involved. help end slavery.]
2. friends who have not let a day pass without checking on me
3. friends who are praying for me every day
4. friends who send me jokes throughout the day just to make me laugh
5. a mom and dad who take care of me so very well
6. a phone call from my brother who is very far away
7. small reminders every day of God's faithfulness

what are you thankful for this week?