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2013 has begun.

happy new year!
sorry i'm a little late, but this first week of 2013 has been kind of rough.
since i already have some other medical issues going on, i decided to go big or go home.
so i broke my foot yesterday.
i could tell you about how miserable this week has been or how much i don't understand my circumstances, but i won't.
instead, i want to tell you things i've been thankful for over the past few days.

1. the passion conference live stream
[it's over now but you can still give to freedom! pray. get involved. help end slavery.]
2. friends who have not let a day pass without checking on me
3. friends who are praying for me every day
4. friends who send me jokes throughout the day just to make me laugh
5. a mom and dad who take care of me so very well
6. a phone call from my brother who is very far away
7. small reminders every day of God's faithfulness

what are you thankful for this week?

1 comment:

Beth Mayberry said...

you!!! but really. get well soon you silly girl!! xoxoxoox