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thankfulness lately.

lately i've been thankful for

enchanting sunsets

reminders that my God is faithful and unchanging. i am never alone

opportunities to serve

quiet moments to read this baby

plane tickets to visit best friends

good laughs that make you cry [or pee your pants…not that this happened. just clarifying]...

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post oscar party.

did y'all watch the oscars sunday night?
of course you did!
me too.

my favorite moments:

bradley cooper's mom pulling a mckayla maroney all night. not impressed.

paperman winning best animated short film. it's the cutest!

i LOVED the [sound of music] reference introducing christopher plummer. perfectly hilarious.

jennifer lawrence. best actress!! i want to be friends with her in real life…instead of just in my imagination. i love that hugh jackman sprinted to help her up after she fell on the stairs. what a classy man.

anne hathaway. i was so excited she won best supporting actress that i squealed, stood up and clapped. no really, i did. in my living room…by myself.

then of course, this happened. it gave me chills. i may or may not have cried a little. remember how much i love les mis?  i just can't help it. sometimes i get teary eyed listening to the soundtrack in my car. yes, i'm that girl. excuse me while i go sing [on my own] at the top of my lungs.

what were your favorites?


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don't stop believin'.

we all need a pep talk every now and then.
kid president, take it away.

you're welcome, monday.

p.s. i'll be back later [or tomorrow] with my favorite oscar moments!


weekend update.

things you should know…

i have been walking again for a week now. and by walking, i mean stumbling around like a drowsy 3 year old who was just awoken from a long nap. baby steps. turns out learning to walk again is a little easier said than done. i am also making quite the fashion statement these days by wearing one new balance tennis shoe completely untied (it's the only way my foot will fit in a shoe!!) it's like i'm trying to be a preppy skater kid.

my brother is getting married in less than 4 months, so the search for a dress is on. my sweet core group girls helped me limp through the mall last night to try on dresses.

i bought these pants.

my valentines from the best friend came in the mail this week. snail mail is my favorite. and mail from colorado travels at a pace that lives up to that name these days.

this giveaway has been so fun. if you're a new follower, don't be shy! i'd love to check out your blog too, so leave your link in the comments for me!

elsie's mudroom organization by a beautiful mess
bits and pieces by paint chip madness
living well: things to do on a sick day by maiedae
wife life: perfection confession by until only love remains

1. i am an extrovert...but i'm more towards the lower end of the extroversion scale
2. kayaking adventures are my favorite
3. i swam competitively from 1st grade through high school

what was a favorite for you this week?

happy weekend, y'all!


thank you for the music.

have y'all been following along with american idol this year?
i was a little nervous with the new judges coming on board, but i love it.
nicki is a little cray cray, but she has some really good points here and there.
mariah is a straight up diva. the end.
keith. the best. his was one of the first albums i bought when i fell in love with country music.
randy is the same. i can't keep track of how many times he says "dog".

okay, so i always pick my faves from the audition weeks.
angela miller. this girl is fantastic. i'd buy her album today.
also, i love her hair.
her hollywood audition gives me chills. every. time. it's SO good!!
i seriously thought keith was going to cry.
check out her idol journey so far...

have you picked your favorites yet?

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giveaway - $150 GAP card.

y'all, this is my 1st giveaway and i'm so excited!! i've had the opportunity to team up with a bunch of sweet ladies to bless someone with a gift card to one of my favorite places ever - the GAP. 

looking through my closet you would see that most of the clothes i own are from GAP & Old Navy & GAP & Target & GAP again. it's obvious i love the place. but i only allow myself to buy clothes there when they are on sale because, let's get real, they ain't cheap!

if you're on a budget like me, i know a gift card to spend on clothes would mean so much. so here's your chance to win a mini shopping spree! 

beth // malorie // laura // jenny // jen // ashley 
kiki // summer // serena // megan // desi

here are some items i've been eyeing this spring.
confession: i just bought a pair of the skimmer jeans. they are the comfiest!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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i'd put you on a diet.

this kid makes me laugh so much.
also, lennon & maisy are presh [and talented]


the doctor.

watch this, they said.
you'll love it, they said.
i did and i do.
but currently i'm recovering from the heartbreaking season 2 finale of doctor who.
the only reason i can continue watching this show is because i know rose and the doctor will be reunited at some point. in the past? in the future? in a parallel universe? who knows!! but i know they will see each other again.
how do i know this? 
well see i was an emotional wreck after watching said episode and the best friend called to let me know that it was all going to be okay. she knows everything.
thank goodness for besties who get as attached to fictional characters as i do.
yes, i am aware of the nerdiness. thank you and goodnight.

p.s. downton, anyone? i'm going to need therapy for years.


one day more.

i have been humming [one day more] from les mis since i woke up this morning. why?
tomorrow is the big day!
i will hopefully be freed from the use of crutches and get to re-introduce my left leg to the concept of walking. it could get crazy, y'all...

you thought this post was going to be about valentine's day? joke's on you.
but since you insisted, i'll tell you about my valentine's day plans anyways.

1. learn to walk again. best. day. ever.
2. take myself out for ice cream.
3. let my friends know how much i love them.
4. snuggle with my puppy.
5. watch tangled. my fave.
6. and dance. well, probably not. but a girl can dream, right?


who's your grammy?

so the grammys were last night, for those of you who didn't know.
i have to confess that i didn't watch them.
downton was on! priorities, people.
but one of my bestie hipster friends was keeping me up to date via text.
of course, there was a minor freak out when mumford started playing because we love them so.

top faves from this performance:
marcus mumford and all of his sons.
the lights. i love the lights.
t. swiz rocking out and singing every word. that girl.

you're welcome, monday.

p.s. i'm feeling a little better about downton, but i'm still a little sad. also, sybil's baby is the cutest.


happy things.

i love the weekends. but who doesn't? it's just nice to relax, get some fresh air, and take naps. today would have been a great day for a hike, or frisbee, or a kayaking adventure. but since i'm a little limited on what i can do these days, i have to find joy in the little things. things like:

soaking up some vitamin d with my puppy.

pre-valentine's lunch date with my mama.

future missions possibilities.

doctor who. the best friend got me hooked. we are complete nerds.

getting to walk again in 5 days. valentine's day to be precise. fingers crossed.

things i've learned : being positive by jenny highsmith
on names and meanings by tickled yellow
make it / 30 by design love fest
20 homemade valentine ideas by a beautiful mess

1. i've broken just a few bones. these injuries mostly occurred during ultimate  frisbee games. they are in no way related to how graceful i may or may not be.
2. i'm super competitive.
3. rapunzel is my fave disney princess.

happy weekend, homies!


nutella for life.

it is world nutella day.  how did i not plan for this??
you better believe i'll be taking advantage of this discovery once i get home tonight.
i'll probably eat nutella straight out of the jar. because i can. and because i'm a rebel.
confession: i do that anyways.
don't give me that look.
haters gonna hate.
my favorite use of nutella? other than eating it out of the jar...  crepes.
 1 // 2

crepes with nutella and strawberries are the best. hands down. don't argue with me.
well okay, and with rasberries. those are delicious too.
and now i will stare at these pictures and drool until someone brings some crepes by my office.

p.s. check out [a cup of jo] here for some nutella filled recipes.
p.p.s. you could totes use one of the picture's recipes on valentine's day. they both include something red! you're welcome.
p.p.p.s. i'm on bloglovin' now. :) just thought you should know.



disney never seems to disappoint me.
you're welcome, monday.

p.s. i am STILL sad about downton. i think i'm grieving right alongside the crawley family.