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Christ is risen.

no longer dead, we are alive! this is on repeat this morning.
because of my jesus' sacrifice, i have life and a light to shine!

christ is risen from the dead.
oh death, where is your sting?
oh hell, where is your victory?
oh church, come stand in the light.
our God is not dead. He's alive! He's alive! 

happy easter, dear ones.
we have so much to celebrate and be thankful for!
praying you have a blessed day with friends and family!


one thousand gifts // chapter three.

thanks for coming back for chapter three!
if this is your first time joining our book club, welcome! beth and i figured everyone loves a good book and we could all use a little more joy in our lives. that's why we are reading this! feel free to read along and link up with us every friday. we just want to hear what you're thinking and learning!


chapter 3 // first flight

i was so glad ann addressed our gifts lists and the reason for and importance of them. i too had felt like my gifts were almost childlike, but like she said, doesn't the kingdom of heaven belong to such as these?

it doesn't happen overnight. it takes real intentionality. you have to work and work and work. you have to persevere.

"when one is thirsty one quenches one's thirst by drinking, not by reading books which treat of this condition…if we thirst, we'll have to drink."
-page 44-

i can read all the self help books on the shelves. i can go to conferences and be inspired and be really consistent in my quiet times for a week after. i can read and watch and listen until i'm old and grey, but that isn't going to lead to change unless i put forth an effort on my part. until i drink and keep drinking of the living water. until i make thanksgiving my life. until then, i remain the same. 

"i don't even know they are gifts really until i write them down and that is really what they look like. gifts He bestows. this writing it down - it is sort of like…unwrapping love."
-page 45-
i always say that i am a visual learner and a verbal processor. i don't think i truly know what God has been teaching me until i write it down or say it out loud. here's the thing. jesus knows what is on my heart, so why do i have to tell him? why do i have to speak it out loud? because it blesses him. and by blessing him, we grow and change.

"bless the lord, o my soul, and all that is within me, bless his holy name! bless the lord, o my soul, and forget not al his benefits, who forgives all your iniquity, who heals all your diseases, who redeems your life from the pit, who crowns you with steadfast love and mercy, who satisfies you with good so that your youth is renewed like the eagle's."
-psalm 103-
david knew what it was to bless the Lord. to write down the gifts bestowed on him. he understood the importance of naming and recognizing the gifts given. by naming the gift, we bless God for it, and that is something i do not want to forget. as we name the gifts and bless God, we drive out the nails of anger and bitterness with joy. that is what brings the change.

this song is my anthem. it's one i turn up loud and sing [sometimes cry] with my whole heart.

whatever may pass and whatever lies before me,
let me be singing when the evening comes
and on that day when my strength is failing
the end draws near and my time has come
still my soul will sing your praise unending
ten thousand years and then forevermore

this is what i want my life to be. until the end of my days, until i draw my last breathe, i want to sing your praises, Lord. no matter the circumstances, i will dare to name all the ways you love me.

[one of the best days]

one thousand gifts. the whole list. 
44. dinner and good conversations with old friends
45. chocolate covered blueberries
46. photos full of memories
47. palm sunday
48. afternoon naps
49. warm, fuzzy blankets for snowy days
50. ben howard's music
51. laughing with coworkers until we are all crying
52. clear skies and full moons
53. easter egg dyeing with my core group girls
54. hot showers
55. one year completed at the new job
56. warm sunlight casting shadows across book pages
57. the sound of cars going by on the highway - life going on
58. unsolicited compliments
59. words exchanged with siblings thousands of miles away
60. another day of protection over my brother's life
61. skype and bible study with my mer
62. breakfast with my favorite five year old
63. little kids' giggles
64. morning clouds painted in orange and pink
65. jesus' death and resurrection


thursday's letters.

dear spring, i can tell you're really trying to arrive in all your glory. tell the snow to stop bullying you. dear wall-e, thanks for being such a reliable road trip buddy. your sunroof makes me happy even on the cloudy days. dear core group, i love our times together. dyeing easter eggs with you is always so colorful and entertaining. dear shadow, i don't really like it when you wake me up at 6:00 every morning by planting your paws on my head. but my frustration subsides when i turn on the light and see your cute face. how could anyone stay mad at that? dear job, as of tuesday, we've been working together for a year. thanks for being full-time so i don't have to work three different jobs anymore. dear weekend, it's gonna be me, you, and a nap.

what are your easter weekend plans?


american idol.

remember when i said this girl was my fave?
well, she is still in my top 3.
i've added janelle and kree.
janelle brings that old country sound that is really missing these days.
and i could honestly listen to kree sing just about anything. she sings so effortlessly.
at first i was super disappointed that there really aren't any good guys on the show this year. well, except for burnell. i like him…mostly because he reminds me of steve urkell. am i right??
i got over my disappointment in the guys because, well, it's a girl's year to win. it's been a while!
here are my fave performances so far of my top 3.

are you watching this season?
what are your thoughts?


weekend update.

- two friend dates, good fellowship, and good conversations
- hour long phone calls with my bff while walking around target
- i was super excited to see all the trees budding and flowers blooming [however, today it is snowing. cray cray.]
- i bought these shorts
- wearing my chacos for a whole day. y'all, i have my last appointment for my broken foot this week and will hopefully get the go ahead for cute shoes again. no more tennis shoes!

the fear by ben howard
somebody's gonna love you by matt wertz
you're gonna miss me by lulu and the lampshades
firewood by regina spektor
rivers and roads by the head and the heart

1. during my second year as a crew camper at elc, my counselor wrote a fairytale about my best friends and me. i still have a copy.
2. when i was in kindergarten, i won a goldfish at my school's spring fling. i named her wendy. i was obsessed with peter pan at the time.
3. my family is scottish…on both sides. my dad's side of the family comes from this tiny little place. and my mom's comes from here. we're a little nerdy about our family heritage. but hey, i think it's important to know a little somethin' somethin' about your ancestors. plus, history is my thing.

what's one random thing about you?
p.s. check out until only love remains for a fun giveaway this week!


funny mondays.

i'm pretty sure if for some odd reason i ever made it onto the ellen show, i would pee my pants.
that woman is hilarious.
and contagious laughter is the best.

you're welcome, monday.


one thousand gifts // chapter two.

welcome back for round two! i'm so glad you're here.
if you missed out on chapter one, be sure to check it out.
feel free to link up with elizabeth and me this week, even if you weren't able to last time!
share with us your lists, stories, hearts.

"thinking on the beginning of this year, who does He call to come Home? it is me, Lord? 
may i be ready. or us. whoever." 
-page 28-

it was funny reading this chapter this week because the content spoke to what i've been pondering the past few months. and that ain't a coincidence! the world we live in tells us we have to have more, do more, be more in order to be fulfilled. in order to have fully lived. but is that really true? sure, i would love to travel overseas, have big adventures, get married, have kids…but if jesus calls me home before then or if that's just not in his plan for me, is that okay? can my life be complete without all that? definitely.

i still live in the same town i grew up in. i've been other places. i've had other adventures. i've even tried to leave this city for real. but jesus still keeps me here. i'm not saying he always will, but what if he does? how will my heart react?

"all my eyes can seem to fixate on are the splatters of disappointment across here and me." 
-page 31-

some days it's a battle to feel thankful for what i have here. for a job. for a place to live. for a family that loves me. some days i can only see my disappointed hopes stretching out in front of me and i get angry with the Lord for not giving me what i want and what i've prayed for. then i take a step back and realize how blessed i really am. i have been given more than i could ever need. and for that i give thanks.  so many times we sit around waiting to be blessed when so many wonderful blessings are right in front of us. we've just blinded ourselves with our own ungratefulness. open up your eyes and give thanks for what you have been given. stop waiting and start living. we are living in this fairytale land called earth. there is so much wonder and beauty and joy here, so stop looking elsewhere! your God, the God of the entire universe created this world and placed you here, where you are, for a reason. rejoice in that and give thanks! [giving thanks seems to be the theme here]

eucharisteo. "he gave thanks." luke 22:19
this word and its meaning will change how you live your life.
root word: charis, which means grace
greek word: chara, which means joy

"charis. grace. eucharisteo. thanksgiving. chara. joy." 
-page 33-

"the greatest thing is to give thanks for everything. 
he who has learned this knows what it means to live."
-page 33-

gratitude is one of the essential guardians of your soul. it produces joy. and joy will change your life. it's not always easy, but in the good times and the bad, give thanks.
begin your journey to a fuller life here. now. today. 

one thousand gifts. see the whole list.
22. sunrises that greet me on my drive to work
23. country music
24. contagious laughter
25. sunny afternoons on the back porch
26. handwritten letters
27. weekends that allow me to slow down
28. free starbucks! thank you, gold card
29. coffee date with the seester
30. cool breezes
31. flowers blooming and trees budding
32. a car to drive and money to fill it up with gas
33. a spontaneous dinner date with a friend
34. clean water to drink
35. instagram. for real.
36. my core group girls
37. rain to make the flowers grow
38. the les mis soundtrack. on repeat.
39. heartfelt conversations
40. trips planned for april
41. babies. two of my friends are preggs!
42. friends who see me and love me for who i am
43. stories shared around the kitchen table


minnetonka who?

so minnetonka is doing a 31 days of spring giveaway. fun, right?
alright, so i'm sitting in my room minding my own business, and watching dr. who when i get an email saying that i had won one of the days!
i was nervous, but excited.
nervous because i was worried it could be a scam.
but excited because…well...free minnetonkas!!
imagine my surprise when a box with these beauties showed up in the mail two days later.
i'll be honest. i wouldn't go into a store, see these and go "oh i could totes pull those off". i mean, i don't think i've ever owned anything with tassels. however, i have decided to embrace my inner pocahontas. so you may see me trying to rock these shoes this summer.
i really do love them.

have you ever had a pair of minnetonka mocs?
i have this pair and they are the comfiest!

p.s. check out this giveaway! who doesn't want a kitchen aid mixer? :)


weekend update.

- back porch sitting. reading a good book in the 75 degree weather. summer, get here soon
- getting free starbucks TWICE. it's the southern accent…
- taking time to write letters to friends. i've missed that.
- puppy watching. we have two dogs and i love them both. one is 10 and the other is just over a year old. it's so funny to watch the younger pup because she's still so attentive to things the older pup is totally over. things like birds chirping and the sound of squirrels hopping around in the woods behind our house. she still has that childlike wonder :)
- starting this book club. thanks to everyone who linked up! can't wait to hear your thoughts again next week.


1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5

- all of my besties live in different cities and states than me. i'm really good at the long distance thing…
- sometimes, when my brother decides to use an endearing term, he calls me "munch" for munchkin. i don't hate it.
- starbucks water is probs my favorite water to drink. it tastes so clean. but what do i know?


alan al alan.

i am in tears. every. time.
i also love all things BBC.

you're welcome, monday.


tangled confusion.

y'all,  who knew that rapunzel had a twin brother?!?
he was obviously locked in a treehouse and has his own movie that no one is aware of yet.
he is a total hipster and cleans his beard with a soap you've never heard of.
i'm pretty sure katniss discovers him while she's climbing trees and hiding from president snow.
but what do i know?
i know that bropunzel has got to have some great pick up lines.
i mean, he's had years to create them.

here's your homework:
come up with your best bropunzel pick up line. i wanna hear them!

happy saturday, homies!

got big plans this weekend?


i'm bloglovin it.

in case you haven't heard the news, google reader is shutting down on july 1st.

say it ain't so!
if you use google reader to follow me and are just devastated that you won't be able to any more, never fear! you can hop over and follow me on bloglovin!
i honestly love it so much more anyway. sorry, google.
you'll always have a special place in my heart.

one thousand gifts - chapter one.

welcome to the first book club post!
if you stopped by last week, you know i've teamed up with beth of until only love remains.
would you join us, share your story, and your heart?
i was so excited to dive into chapter one this week. and if you can judge a book by its first chapter, i'm pretty sure this book is going to be really good for me.

first of all, wow. ann's story, or at least the part we have heard so far, is a tough one.
full of pain but full of grace.
we all have experienced pain in our lives. some on different levels than others.
i think that is something to be aware of and why i really love this quote. we each carry a suitcase full of hurt and heartache. and we need this reminder to be gracious and compassionate to others and to treat their stories with care.

so there's a lot of good in this chapter but i really like this little bit where ann said:

"where hides this joy of the Lord, this God who fills the earth with good things, and how do i fully live when life is full of hurt?  how do i wake up to joy and grace and beauty and all that is the fullest life when i must stay numb to losses and crushed dreams and all that empties me out?"

i know the feeling and i've asked the questions countless times. how do i hold on to hope when life keeps taking the wind out of my sails? how do i find joy when my dreams are taken away from me or put on hold for the twentieth time? when the ones i love most have walked away from me, my family, and jesus? how do i keep trusting that God still wants good things for me?

when we go through something painful, we have a choice. we can choose to be angry and bitter or we can choose to trust God through it all. i'll be honest, there are many times i've chosen to be angry. it's so much easier. but it's also unhealthy and allows satan to have a foothold in your life. but jesus' grace never runs out and he always pulls me back up out of that pit and into the light of himself. and he reminds me of his love and faithfulness. 

the answers to my questions? my hope is in jesus, so i hold on to him. my joy comes from jesus, so i spend time with him. i keep trusting in jesus because i know he is faithful and he calls me precious and honored and loved. how could he not want good things for me?? 

and jesus has shown me those good things this week. instead of selfishly focusing on what i don't have, i've challenged myself to look at what i've already been blessed with. so many gifts!

one thousand gifts. a beginning.
1. best friends who seek me out and include me in their lives, even from far away
2. time given to spend with my mama
3. a puppy who loves me with her whole puppy heart
4. worship sessions/dance parties in the car
5. road trips to see old friends
6. sunday afternoons in starbucks
7. meaningful conversations
8. 65 degree days that promise spring is around the corner
9. friends that make long distance work
10. rain to make the flowers grow
11. coworkers who sincerely care
12. pink sunsets three nights this week
13. quiet moments to hear jesus speak
14. learning something new from verses i've read over and over
15. injuries that force me to slow down in a fast paced world
16. physical therapy to make me stronger
17. healthy foods that make me feel good
18. blue skies and fluffy white clouds
19. free coffee on a rainy day. what what!
20. a city i've called home for twenty-four years
21. phillip phillips performing [gone gone gone] on american idol. does that count?? i love that boy.

did you get to read along this week? 
have you started your 1000 gifts list?
share with us!


baby megs.

i thought i'd share with y'all a little scrapbook of my earliest years.
keep in mind that for 6 years, i was the only girl in my family.
i had an older brother and 4 boy cousins to love me pick on me.

contrary to the evidence before you, i was actually a very happy child.

i've been a water bug for as long as i can remember and then some.
apparently, i also had the "stink eye" down pat.

i was a beach BABE, obvi.

and loved building sand castles with my big brother. he's slimmed up since then, ladies.
lil' chunky monkey.


music runs in my blood. i'm pretty sure i came out of the womb screaming the hallelujah chorus. i also not-so-secretly wish that my life was a musical.

i was a little girl who grew up in a culture that expected you to be a wife, mother, and mini martha stewart by the time you graduated from college. i have checked none of these requirements off my list. guess i need to move out of the south.

this cheesy grin and squinty eyed smile is apparently my go to. it is still my first reaction to a camera being pointed at my face. and my bashful brother still pretends to be camera shy to this day.

something you never would have guessed about me: i was an avid fisherman. the brother, the cousins, and i went fishing ALL the time. but since there really was a princess behind that tomboy facade, i made the boys take the fish off the hook. every time. until this one time my friend's grandfather made me do it myself. i was 5. it was traumatizing. i still remember the look in that fish's eye...

i'll leave you with that. don't worry, there are more tales to be told of my childhood.


 p.s. don't forget our first book club post will be tomorrow! please join in!


weekend update.

- atlanta road trips to see old friends and meet new ones
- swapping injury stories
- planning book clubs with the best friend
- listening [i mean, rocking out] to the Passion 2013 album in my car. check out one of my faves.
- wearing shoes that weren't tennis shoes! granted, i was just sitting in a starbucks, but it was so nice to be out in public in normal shoes for a day.

elsie's handwriting statement wall by a beautiful mess
living well: meal planning + DIY chalkboard by jenny highsmith
living well: emotions by maiedae
when waiting is hard by sweetness itself

1. when i was little, i called shampoo "hair soap". makes sense, right?
2. the number 12 is my favorite. i don't know why. it just is.
3. i didn't give up my pacifier until i was 5. the only way my parents could get me to part with it was to turn it into a christmas ornament. it still hangs on our tree every year.


p.s. do you watch Once Upon A Time? what are your thoughts on sunday's episode??


it's a goat's world.

my body was so confused trying to wake up this morning.
the time change is messing with my head!
plus, it was super dark on my way to work and i thought i arrived an hour too early!
i need more sleep. or coffee. coffee would be good.

so these goat videos are taking over the world, i'm pretty sure.
if somehow you haven't already seen the screaming goat look here and here.

you're welcome, monday.


for aimie.

this is the story of a girl name aimie.
one of my best friends in college.
aimie was a friend of my brother's before she was a friend of mine.
before i ever officially met her, she and two boys i knew rolled my house.
so that was my first impression of this red headed girl...a vandalizing prankster. ;)

soon after this, we were officially introduced, i forgave her for the toilet papering incident
and we became fast friends. we were involved in the same campus ministry, played ruthless games of ultimate frisbee, went on road trips, grew in our relationships with Jesus, and had countless adventures together.

then we graduated and went our separate ways. well, i stayed to hold down the fort here in chattanooga, and she went. she came back and i left for colorado. i still remember the day i received the letter. i was working at camp, sitting on the deck outside the dining hall, reading mail i had gotten that day. aimie wrote that she had met a guy who could play piano and could sing like a dream. she thought he could be the one...for very valid reasons, obviously.  of course, i had to wait for a phone call to hear the whole story.

she met this boy while perusing the clearance mugs at starbucks. they both reached for the same mug at the same time. yes, you read that right. it's like a cheesy chick flick that we all laugh at and call "ridiculous and unrealistic" but secretly wish it would happen to us.

note: i've visited the clearance section at starbucks many times since then and i have yet to meet prince charming. i guess it doesn't work the same way twice. shoot.

back to the story. they went on a date and then another and another, fell in love, and got married last May. she and her man moved to mississippi soon after to help with the family business. and yes, i start singing faith hill's [mississippi girl] whenever i talk about aimie now. a few weeks ago the college besties and i all received a text with the good news. aimie is preggs! baby barton will be here in september. and i cannot wait. i have already labeled myself as an adopted aunt.

aimie, i know you are going to be a wonderful mama. there will be beautiful days, hard days, days when you'll want to hide in the bathroom, and days when you will feel completely overwhelmed by what you have been blessed with. with Jesus in your heart and your hubs by your side, i pray you will approach these days with grace, patience and love.

i love you and can't wait to meet your little one!

p.s. i hope your baby is a ginger. that would be the greatest.


join the club.

i'm so excited to let you in on a little somethin'. my bestie and i are starting a book club! i'll be honest, this is my first time officially being part of one of these shindigs. i've never read this book, but i've heard GREAT things about it, so i finally decided to check it out for myself!

i can't wait to see how the Lord uses this book in my life and your life.
we will be reading a chapter a week and creating our lists of 1000 gifts.

we would LOVE for you to be involved!

one: you can get involved by reading the book or not reading the book [if you've already read it or just hate reading books] and link up with us every friday with your blog post.  tell us what you're learning, how you're growing, what has brought you joy that week…anything! we just want to hear how your heart is doing. so please share with us!

two: you can get involved by creating a list of 1000 gifts. don't get overwhelmed!  the goal is to write down 3 gifts a day. the whole point, i think, is to find joy in Jesus and in everything and everyone he has blessed you with.

tune in next friday for our thoughts on chapter one.
hope to hear from all of you then!


liebster award.

i was tickled pink when jen from team bowen nominated me for the liebster award last week! thanks, lady! from what i hear through the grapevine, the liebster award is a networking tool for new[er] bloggers and a way to recognize bloggers with less than 200 followers. that's me!

here are the rules.

1. answer the 11 questions the blogger who nominated you asked you
2. give 11 random facts about yourself
3. nominate 11 bloggers with less than 200 followers
4. create 11 questions for the nominees to answers

my answers to jen's questions:

What is something you have learned recently?
i am learning and being reminded often to live fully where i have been placed. there's a [mumford and sons] lyric that says "i will learn to love these skies i'm under" and i think that's where i am. learning to be grateful for where Jesus has me right now.

What is in your fridge right now?
like everything? here's a couple items: pepperonis and mozarella cheese. i see homemade pizza in my future.

If you could travel anywhere, where would you go?
the british isles, australia/new zealand, and maybe a quick trip to italy and greece.

What is one article of clothing or accessory you are currently wanting?
this dress. it's fun, springy, and has pockets! win.

What is one thing you have pinned that you are wanting to create?
these mugs!

What time do you typically wake up in the morning?
weeeeeeeell, my alarm is set for 6:30 but i usually roll out of bed by 7. i am the queen of the snooze button.

Coffee or Tea?
here's the thing, i like both equally.  i didn't drink coffee until about a year and a half ago. and by drink coffee, i mean i drink it when it's offered to me. i don't make it every morning at home. i prefer those delicious, no good for you, sugary starbucks drinks that cost an arm and a leg.

Who is your favorite Disney princess?
rapunzel. hands down. i can't tell you how many times i've watched tangled...a gazillion plus some.  apparently i make this "dreamy" face when i talk about that movie. ridiculous.

What is the best book you've read recently? (I am needing some good book recommendations…)
i am reading [les mis] right now and i love it. i love learning about the back story. today i just started reading [1000 gifts], so i can't really give my personal opinion on it, but i have heard from several people that it's super good! i'm excited to get into it!

What is your biggest pet peeve?
people who don't use their turn signals. drives me CRAZY! use your blinkers, y'all. they save lives.

Tell us about your most recent (appropriate...) dream
i had a nightmare that i was an hour and a half late for work and could not figure out why. turns out i had missed my alarm (in real life) but because i'm super speedy getting ready, was only five minutes late for work. whew. i still have my job, guys.

11 random facts.

1. if it wasn't bad for me, i would drink sweet tea every day.
2. i wear my chacos year round
3. i have lived in the south my whole life
4. during my senior trip to NYC, i got to see beauty and the beast's 500th broadway show
5. i was born with a headful of black curly hair which turned white blonde and slowly transitioned into the color it is today
6. speaking of my hair, i have never dyed it
7. i used to be a competitive swimmer…back in my younger days.
8. edy's french silk ice cream is my fave.
9. i have one sibling. a brother. he is 14 months older than me. i was a surprise.
10. i really REALLY want to see [the lion king] on broadway.
11. i am in love with dr. who 

my nominees.

tickled yellow
paint chip madness
wearable fun fashion
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van wynsberg nest
ps: heart
create with christina
granny square flair
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taking steps home

questions for my nominees.

1. what is one of your life goals?
2. do you consider yourself a hipster?
3. what is the best concert you've ever been to?
4. if you were to road trip, where would you go?
5. are you an american idol watcher? who's your fave this year?
6. what is your favorite season?
7. what is your dream job?
8. what would your day look like if it were all up to you?
9. how do you feel about the hunger games?
10. do you like to cook? what's your favorite meal?
11. were you more of a tomboy or princess growing up?


Q & A

i'd like to introduce y'all to some of my favorite bloggers, Q & A style. i hope you love them as much as i do! they have great things to say, so don't hesitate to head over and check out their blogs.

1. what was the inspiration behind your blog name & what made you decide to start blogging?
2. what is your favorite drink?
3. what are some favorite hobbies?


>> I wanted to create a blog to document my own personal style journey while giving everyday girls inspiration for outfits they could actual wear and feel comfortable and confident in. Hence where the name “Wearable.Fun.Fashion” came from; I want to display outfits that could be worn by the everyday girl who does everyday things (like going to classes, running to the grocery store, or going out with your girlfriends) without a fear of looking silly/over-dressed. My style? Classy, timelss, & FUN.

>> I am absolutely head-over heels in love with Caramel Macchiato’s (with extra caramel) from Starbucks.

>> Aside from blogging, I love digital scrapbooking. It’s such a fun way to document memories and costs a lot less than traditional scrapbooking! I was able to combine my two loves (blogging and scrapbooking) and actually created my own background for my blog as well as my signatureand buttons. It’s awesome being able to express my own style on my blog without having to pay someone else to make those elements for me!

blog // pinterest

>> I consider myself pretty wordy, so here's the short version of the story behind Paint Chip Madness. When I first started blogging in 2010, I thought I was going to be one of those "big name DIY bloggers" so I named my blog after my love for paint chips. And even though I still love those home improvement store freebies, let's just say I quickly discovered that that kind of blogging is not my talent or calling in the blogworld!

And I started blogging because my older sister told me to start one to store my ideas and favorite internet finds. This was way before I discovered Pinterest, mind you! Now that I use Pinterest to store my finds around the web, my blog is a place to share my thoughts, photos, and faith. That, and it's become a great way to make new friends in the process!

>> I'm a little weird in that I don't drink tea or coffee. But I love anything fruit-based (as in real fruit) so I'd definitely go on an apple cider or fruit smoothie date with you! Or we could go to a bakery. I love baked goods.

>> I was actually talking to my mom about my hobbies (or lack thereof) recently and she told me that I need to find a new hobby since I'll be graduating later this month (eep!). Right now, my biggest hobbies are blogging and Pinterest. But I also really love hiking, baking, and photography.

blog // instagram // twitter
>> I started blogging a few months ago as a way to force myself to write. I was an English major in college and wrote all the time, but was nowhere near as motivated after I graduated. I wanted to be held accountable and also to see what people resonated with. I never expected, however, all of the awesome girls I would meet through it--that's been the most fun part! There was absolutely no thought process behind the name "Tickled Yellow". I love the phrase "tickled pink" and yellow is my favorite color. Bam.

>> My favorite drink is blank coffee but, sadly, I am forcing myself to give it up as I am way too dependent on it. But I'm just as big of a tea fan, especially of the loose-leaf variety. 

>> My favorite way to spend my free time in the summer is to play tennis. In the winter I like to hang out in coffee shops with my husband.


>> My blog is called "Until Only Love Remains" - it's a JJ Heller song and it is tattooed on my right foot. It is a reminder to let the Lord chip at me until only His love remains in me. My blog is just that - a real girl learning what it means to love more each day. I struggle, I laugh, I cry, I share, I grow, I learn. I wanted to share, process & record my journey. That is why I started blogging - I really never thought it would be something people read and were inspired by. This blogging community has encouraged me to seek the Lord and blessed me beyond measure. 

>> I could not live without Milk, Coffee, and Water. Literally the three things I drink nonstop (I hate soda, so all the diet caffeine free coke bottles you find around my house are the husbands. i promise. if i drank soda it would have caffeine and not be diet!)

>> I enjoy blogging (obviously), reading, writing, crafting, and hanging out with people. I am 100% a people person, so most anything I do involves quality time with my peeps. I love movies, coffee dates, adventures, thrifting, and eating.  


>> I started my blog right before our daughter was born as a way for friends and family to keep up with our mundane yet sometimes crazy lives.  When Chris and I were engaged, he explained to me (according to his love of football and sports) that I would be joining "his team".  We would no longer be two people making individual decisions, but a team who's decisions and actions would significantly affect the other.  "Team Bowen" soon became a common phrase around these parts.  In the past year I've become much more interested in simple, sustainable, inexpensive, and healthy living.  I share with you our journey to cut out processed foods and move back towards eating real, whole foods.  I am interested in natural cleaning and living in order to cut down the number of toxins we are exposed to.  My husband graciously and patiently puts up with me in this quest.  After all, it's a team effort, right? 

>> Coffee.  The $4 super sweet lattes with candy names are my favorite.  You know the ones that have a million calories and your daily allotment of sugar?  Yeah, those.

>> Hobby?  Well I don't feel like I have a lot of time between baking, cooking, maintaining our home and chasing around a toddler.  But I do enjoy running and 
trying to be crafty on occasion.


>> How I started blogging is actually kinda of funny.. my husband was taking a graffic design class for his bachelors and was given an assignment to try out the latest craze call blogging! (This was forever ago.. 2005-6?) So I began updating that blog he started as our family blog. Soon everyone was blogging! My sister live across the country from each other and decided that we would make a blog with a group of friends as a recipe swap.. that casually recipe swap has evolved into our current site Oh So Delicioso. We discovered not only were a few of us looking at it but many friends and family were utilizing the blog for their go to recipes. We also discovered that we LOVE food photography and just totally enjoy the process of cooking, shooting and blogging! We love sharing our passion with others!

>> We have so many recipes on our blog...but some of my favorites are the drinks. Particularly this Caramel Apple spice. http://www.ohsodelicioso.com/2012/12/caramel-apple-spice-whomemade-salted.html
I know its totally cliche but sitting outside in the sun with a glass of lemonade is just a piece of heaven for me!

>> So its obvious that I enjoy food. And baking. And eating (hah!) But I have to keep burning those calories.. I love getting up early for a crispy morning run. I also love to sew and craft really anything that I can make with my hands. As much fun as the digital world is, I have to take a break and feel the fabric-smell the paint. It is gratifying to work with my hands and come back to a substantial reality. Which is why food blogging is just perfect for me; it's a great combo of the physical work and pleasure that slips into our blog!

there you go, folks. check 'em out!

p.s. if you would like to swap buttons, i'm down with that. contact me via email!


weekend update.

interior obsessions: color pop by paper & stitch
on rejection by the mermaid chronicles
oceans [where feet may fail] by van wynsberg nest

- meeting beautiful people from other countries and hearing their stories
- good fellowship [this extrovert needs it]
- freaking out during an episode of dr. who and texting the bestie about it. nerd alert.
- going through old baby photos of my brother and me. ah, sentimentality.
- trips to REI. i like REI but i get bored super fast if i have nothing i'm looking for or if i can't buy anything. however, my dad gets LOST in that store. i mean, we seriously can't get him to leave. i'm pretty sure he'd take up residency in a tent in that place.
- starting physical therapy. who says that?? but really, i'm excited. as painful as it is, it just means i'm a day closer to walking normally! a word of advice, don't ever break your foot.

1. i speak spanglish on a regular basis. i'm weird like that.
2. my heart lives in colorado
3. i have my bachelor's degree in interior design

what were some highlights of your week[end]??


p.s. congrats to elena!! she is the winner of the GAP giveaway!

i don't know you from adam.

i love ellen.
and i love it when she sends her writer to sing to complete strangers.
how she holds it together, i don't know.
the cute old man at the end is my fave.
you're welcome, monday.


a song for you.

it was snowing when i left for work this morning [in tennessee?? what what!]
and snow makes me all kinds of happy...whether it sticks to the ground or not.
i'm heading out of town for the weekend, but i wanted to leave you with something.
these have been a few of my favorite melodies recently.
the ones that get put on repeat until i'm sick of them, take a break for a week, and come back to.
it'll give you a tiny glimpse into what riding around in my car looks like.
sunroof open. foot tapping on the floorboard. singing my heart out.

happy weekend, homies!