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funny mondays.

this is all you'll ever need to know about driving cars.

you're welcome, monday.


weekend update.

- babysitting my favorite kiddos three times last week.
- a weekend in nashville for alex's bachelorette bash! 3 1/2 weeks til her wedding!
- our last get together as a core group...sad but sweet.
- a trip to anthropologie. i want the whole store. anthro, why do you have to be so expensive??
- the brother got back to the usa safely. 3 1/2 weeks til his wedding, too! california, get ready.

- i was walking into the building where i had a doctor appointment and when the automatic doors opened, an older man walked out and said "howdy" as he passed me. i think i was caught off guard because (a) he spoke to me, and, (b) he said "howdy". the first response that came to my mind was "g'day" (like i'm australian or something), but i realized how weird that was before it completely came out of my mouth. so all that came out was an awkward "guh" before i stopped myself and continued walking. oh, my life.

1. i do not like bell peppers
2. my favorite fish to eat is salmon...preferably grilled
3. one of my favorite snacks  is an apple with nutella. yum.

it's tuesday and i'm already looking forward to next weekend.
<< do you have memorial day weekend plans?? >>


funny mondays.

um, this is awesome and i wish it would happen to me.

you're welcome, monday.


weekend update.

- my sweet friend, alison, got engaged! isn't her ring gorgeous?? and now she is leaving us for pennsylvania so she can be near her fiance. i guess that's okay. :) but i'm going to miss her!!
- afternoons at the park with my girls soaking up the last rays of the day and the last moments we all have together as a core group
- my silly dog ran away...that was not a fave moment, but she came back! she bolted out the front door when my best friend arrived and ran straight for the woods behind our house. because my foot is still recovering, i'm not allowed to run, so i speed walked after her. i know, it's hilarious. i searched through the woods for the longest 15 minutes of my life before my best friend called and said my dog had shown back up at my house. apparently she just needed to have a wild adventure, but she gave this girl a heart attack.
- early morning breakfast dates at starbucks. delish.

- mint and neons (separately)
- stripes
- braids

pioneer - the band perry
beat this summer - brad paisley
golden - lady antebellum

// what were some highlights of your week? //


funny mondays.

because who doesn't love balloon animals?
my fave is the cheetah chasing the antelope.

you're welcome, monday.


a letter to my mama.

dear mama,

thank you for changing all the diapers and staying up on those long nights. thank you for giving me scripture as a child to recite to myself when i had nightmares and was scared of the dark. thank you for quitting your job and staying home with drew and me so you could be completely invested in our lives. thank you for cheering me on at soccer games when i was 5 even though the whole eye/foot coordination was not my thing. thank you for teaching me how to swim and for all the years you chauffeured me to swim practice and swim meets so i could do something i loved. thank you for all the movie nights eating pizza on the pull-out couch. thank you for teaching me the importance of being silly and not taking myself too seriously. thank you for believing in me, being my lifelong cheerleader, prayer warrior, and number one supporter. i love you. happy mother's day!

and just for laughs...


one thousand gifts // chapter nine.

"God created the world out of nothing, and as long as we are nothing,
He can make something out of us."
// martin luther //
while reading this chapter, i kept coming back to john 3:30, "he must increase, but i must decrease." i have to become small, and i have to go lower, in order to find the crazy, happy joy. the smaller i become, the larger life will be. i don't ever want to quit seeing the world through childlike eyes full of wonder and awe. the wonder that comes from staring up into big blue skies, viewing the world from the top of a mountain, or taking in the expanse of the ocean as waves roll in. it's these things that make me feel small, that humble me, and compel me to praise my Savior.


p.s. today is my best friend's birthday! this girl has one of the most beautiful hearts i know. she loves life and loves people well. i'm so glad jesus brought her alongside me in my journey and i'm looking forward to lifelong adventures as we get older and wiser. ha!  you should check out her heart for life here...and maybe leave her a gift...ya know, if you want. :)


thursday's letters.

dear american idol, you've got a great top 3 this year. they should all win! dear bootleg meg, it has been 4 months since your broke your foot. you should probs celebrate 4 months injury free with some ice cream. dear great gatsby, listening to you on audiobook has been quite an experience. who knew gatsby was such an obsessive creeper? not this girl! yikes. dear core group, can't wait for our picnic in the park tonight! let the good times roll.


funny mondays.

confession: i was laughing so hard while watching this that i couldn't breathe.
by the end i was crying because it was so sweet!
puppies are the best, y'all.

you're welcome, monday.


one thousand gifts // chapter eight.

stress. a word that comes up frequently in conversation. i'm guilty of this on a weekly (and sometimes daily) basis. we use stress as an excuse for our behavior and as a way to hide our deepest fears. instead of trusting the Lord, we turn to stress and anxiety.

"stress isn't only a joy stealer. the way we respond to it can be sin."
-page 146-

"anything less than gratitude and trust is practical atheism."
-page 148-

i had never really thought of stress this way before. as not trusting. but that's exactly what i'm doing when i choose to let stress control me and my attitude. i'm not trusting in the promises of Jesus. he tells us in john 14:1, "do not let your hearts be troubled. trust in God; trust also in me." the only way for us to experience the well of joy is to daily put our trust in Jesus, so that we may be filled with hope and peace that overflows. 

"thanks is what builds trust."
-page 150-

as we count our blessings, we realize who can really be counted on. we have a constant, unchanging, reliable Savior. he can be counted on always. we each have our own trust issues. it's part of our human nature. but the practice of giving thanks, of looking for the blessings on a daily basis is how we learn to trust. and trust will begin to dissolve the stress and worry you hold in your life because you know you have a faithful God who fulfills his promises.

the 1000 gifts list.


thursday's letters.

dear core group, on saturday i will sit and watch as two of you walk across a stage to get your college diplomas. so proud of y'all. dear dr. who, you keep me on the edge of my seat. you also keep me in fits of laughter and tears. can we be friends in real life? dear may, i'm so glad you're finally here. you are my favorite spring month...mostly because it means summer is just around the river bend. dear colorado, i love you more than sweet tea and rocking chairs. i'll be back soon.
what are your weekend plans?


weekend update.

i'm a bit behind this week because i was in colorado for a long weekend visiting my bestie! i got home monday, or should i say tuesday morning at 1:30, and had to be at work a few hours later. worth it. colorado, it never gets easier saying goodbye to you.

- new inside jokes and new renditions of taylor swift's "i knew you were trouble"
- weekends in colorado with my best friend
- trips to the zoo to see the elephants and giraffes
- an afternoon of dr. who watching with beth
- waking up and seeing pike's peak right out the window
- lots of extrovert time, which was much needed for this girl
- laughing and crying (mostly from laughing) more than i have in a while

- we bought a zoo
- war horse
- les miserables
- dear john

1. i would wear nike shorts and a pocket tee every day of my life if that was acceptable.

2. my current favorite dessert snack is chocolate covered pomegranates. dark chocolate and fruit! it's got to be good for me, right??

3. lately i have been dying to go to the beach. i just want to sit in a chair under an umbrella with a good book and my toes in the sand. so if anyone wants me to stay in their beach house, i'd been happy to. ;)