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adventures in cali // coronado

i'm missing cali a whole lot more than i thought i would. it probably has to do with the fact that vacation is over and i'm back at work. i'd much rather be sitting on the beach, in the sun, watching the waves, and reading a good book. that is the life.

after our morning in la jolla, we headed over to coronado island for a long walk on the beach. y'all, the sand there sparkles. i was obsessed. as in, i turned into a three year old little girl, and (a) couldn't stop looking at it, and (b) wouldn't stop talking about it. magical sand! it was like pixie dust. i thought peter pan might show up at any moment.

the afternoon wrapped up with ice cream and a stroll through the hotel del coronado. AKA the del.

fun fact: the hotel del opened in 1888. that's 100 years before i was born, folks. at that time, it was also the largest resort hotel in the world. you've now had your history lesson for the day. you're welcome.


thursday's letters.

dear neighbors, i hope none of you saw me as i stumbled across our yard yesterday while trying to get to the mailbox. who knew there were so many hidden holes scattered across the lawn! it's like a minefield out there. dear tennessee, back off on the humidity. i'm suffocating. dear kayak, i'm gonna get you out on the water soon. summertime calls for river adventures. dear cali, i miss you and your sparkly sand. i'll be back. dear weekend, you are lookin' good. can't wait to hang out with my favorite southern newlyweds.

// what do you have planned for the weekend? //


music & lyrics // brad paisley

it's summertime.
and summertime calls for country music and driving with the windows down.
and if you don't like country music (which would make me question if you are even an american...),
you should still watch this because that kid in those wayfarers = presh.

happy wednesday!


weekend update.

- watching every day as pictures from the brother's wedding pop up on the internets
- both puppies got baths and one got a very drastic hair cut.
- a summer evening at the drive-in watching monster's university. i love me some pixar.
- the bestie finally started watching Dr. Who
- the hydrangea bush in the backyard is overflowing right now which means free bouquets for me!


1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6

1. i'm sort of obsessed with avacados/guacamole these days.
2. sometimes i eat nutella straight out of the jar. i am not ashamed.
3. watermelon is my favorite summertime fruit. growing up, the cousins and i would have seed spitting contests. we were super classy.

// how was your weekend? //


funny mondays.

disney has a new princess movie coming out in november.
i'm so excited!
here's a sneek peek.

you're welcome, monday.


adventures in cali // la jolla

well i am back from my big california adventure. as you know, wedding weekends are pretty busy, but we made some time to see the pretty places and to hang out with some sweet friends.

first destination: la jolla.

this place is beautiful. i could have sat in the sand all day and watched the waves roll in.  we walked along the rocks, down on the beach, and admired the cutest houses you've ever seen. and then there were the seals. so. many. seals. let's just say that watching them try to get from the water and up onto the rocks is impressive and incredibly entertaining. the day ended with a killer sunburn because i forgot sunscreen. brilliant. at least it tans, right??

seeing as the brother and sister-in-law live in san diego, i now have a good excuse to go back and visit. next time i'm bringing the sunscreen.



music & lyrics // ben howard

confession: i love ben howard.
phew. glad i got that out there.

happy wednesday.


funny mondays.

you will watch this over and over. promise.

you're welcome, monday.


music & lyrics // needtobreathe

i am california bound this afternoon for the brother's wedding weekend.
looking forward to putting my feet in the pacific.

happy wednesday, brave hearts.


weekend update.

- the as isaac concert. y'all, it was beautiful. i haven't stopped listening to the album in my car, when i'm at home and i sing the songs even when it's not on. it's just that good. and the great news is that you can get your copy on itunes or amazon today!
- spending time with alex and todd. so sad i'm going to miss their wedding this weekend.
- experiencing the chattanooga farmer's market for the first time
- finding baby veggies growing in our garden. it won't be long before they are ready for eating!
- finding the perfect essie nail polish
- cowboy and indian themed birthday parties
- playing lots of corn hole. i'm pretty incredible at this game...on opposite day.

this is one of my favorites. it reminds me of my childhood days.

// summer time is in full swing. do you have any fun vacations planned? //


funny mondays.

sometimes you just can't get the lyrics right.

you're welcome, monday.


thursday's letters.

dear gap, thanks for the super comfy, i feel like i'm wearing pajamas, maxi dress. dear iced coffee, i wish we could be friends every day. unfortunately, you and my budget don't get along quite that frequently. dear vegetable garden, eating fresh veggies all summer is the best. home grown lettuce makes for the best salads i've ever had! dear katniss, thanks for being so fierce. your determination makes me walk faster on the treadmill while i watch the hunger games. (1 month until i can start running again! silly broken foot.) dear california, see you in a week. i hope you're ready for all this southern sassiness to show up in your state.


music and lyrics // as isaac

happy wednesday, friends!
you are halfway to the weekend...you can do it!
i wanted to give you some new music to help you through the rest of the work week.
one of my old high school friends is in a band called As Isaac.

sidenote: i say "old" because i've known this kid since we were awkward 15 year olds and he was going through a phase where he just really wanted to have a pony tail (gross). don't worry, he made it through alive and we are still friends. phew. it was a close call. now we are just awkward adults in our mid twenties. some things never change, folks.

anyway, they make some pretty great music. so you should totes check it out! their first album is currently free on noisetrade, but not for much longer, so go get it now! like today. okay go.

also, their new album //headed for my home// comes out on june 11th, so be sure to grab your copy. and if you happen to be in chattanooga this friday, come on out for their album release concert! you can get the event info here.

and because i know you just can't wait until june 11th, here's a sneak peak from the new album.
it's called //highway// and i haven't stopped listening to it for days. enjoy!


funny mondays.

so today is my big brother's birthday. he's turning 26...old man.
i guess i can't really say anything since i'm approaching my 25th birthday in a couple months.
commence quarter-life crisis!!

anyways, in honor of his big day, here is a super short, but always makes me laugh, clip.

p.s. if i were a mouse, i would totes be gus gus. i just get so excited about surprises and celebrations that i get ahead of myself sometimes! :)
p.p.s. sorry i've been MIA recently. life has been cray and will be for the next couple weeks, so i apologize in advance for being a little more absent than normal!