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music & lyrics // air orchestra

flash mob: air orchestra style 
this is the happiest thing i've seen all week. 
and i wish it would happen to me.
you just can't help but smile!

happy wednesday, friends!


weekend update.

- getting stuck in a downpour with the bestie, running through puddles, laughing our heads off, while trying to get back to the car.
- real life conversations
- crafting: paper flower style. can you tell i'm a little obsessed with them these days? // another tutorial will be up friday!
- perfectly timed fortune cookies
- making plans, dreaming, new ventures

deeper // be here now, a hashtag project :: until only love remains
frankly friday :: taking steps home


1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5

1. in honor of the royal family and prince george, please check out what your royal name would be. mine? the grand empress adelaide the mostly victorious, of course! ;)
2. find out what your favorite pixar movie says about you! if you know me at all, you know that i heart all things pixar.

// how was your weekend? //


thursday's letters.

dear thursday, thank you for being the day before friday. i'm ready for this work week to be over and i'm ready for about a day's worth of naps. dear left leg, we really need to be better friends. first the foot, now the knee. turning twenty-five is no joke. dear colorado, i dream about you all the time. just thought you should know. dear will & kate, thank you for making my dreams come true by naming your baby, george. and naming him after king george the sixth? classy. also, i love that colin firth plays him in the king's speech. dear colin firth, i can't help but first associate you with mr. darcy before thinking of any of your other movies. dear weekend, i'm so excited for some time with my bff. relaxing, laughing, and maybe gettin' our craft on. pinterest, here we come.

<< what are your weekend plans? >>


weekend update.

- eating fresh veggies from the garden // so delish!
- breathtaking sunsets
- hanging out with my favorite kiddos and having conversations about animated movies
- dinner with the grandparents and great aunt and uncle // they are hilarious
- walks in the park
- atlanta adventures

things i've learned: dealing with disappointment // jenny highsmith
deeper: a thankful future self // until only love remains

okay, so the civil wars have a new song out that will be on their upcoming album releasing on august 6th. how thoughtful of them...the day before my birthday! :) i love love love this group and i'm very sad about the issues they are having and the fact that this may be their last album together. sigh.

p.s. will and kate's baby was born today! a boy! i hope they name him george. that would be the best. and for all you debbie downers out there trying to squelch the excitement some of us have about this event, please stop. go eat some ice cream and quit being grumpy. babies are worth being celebrated whether their birthday is televised or not. i'm still holding onto hope that i can be the royal nanny/besties with kate. #dreaming


funny mondays.

if you didn't go see the new superman movie, you may not find this funny.
but give it a go anyway ;)

you're welcome, monday.



weekend update.

- reuniting with two of my core group girls. one got married and one just got back from camp.
- post dinner evenings by the pool
- dressing up as cows with my coworkers and going to chick-fil-a for some free chicken
- free fro you (my week was full of free food, if you can't tell)
- dinner and craft night with my favorite southern newlyweds (they are too good to me)
- surprise hangout time with my bestie who came in town!
- fun projects around the house. it's nice to do something creative again.

northern belle diaries had this freebie up on her blog this week. i love it!

these latte bowls from world market. aren't they the cutest?

<< how was your weekend?? >>


printic // a review

so if you follow me on instagram, you know i like to take quite a few pictures. pictures of life, friends, flowers, sunsets, and my dog. okay, there are a lot of my dog. but hey, she's cute and always around! the thing about instagram and camera phones these days is that pictures tend to stay on your phone. i don't know when it became such a hassle to get pictures printed. back when your only option was film, you HAD to get the roll developed in order to see your favorite shots. you took your film to the photo lab, waited a few days (or 24 hours if you paid an arm and a leg) and came back anxious to see if any pictures turned out or if grandma's fingers got in the way of the lens while she was taking all those pictures of you at the zoo. (that's the worst!) and for goodness sake, don't expose the film to the light while you're rolling it up! what a disaster. am i right??

turns out, printing pics these days isn't as much of a bother as i make it out to be. there are all kinds of apps out there for this, which is great news for me because i really do love having actual copies of my photos.

i don't remember where i found out about printic but i downloaded the app right away and then spent the next couple months deciding if i really wanted to use it or not. i know, i'm indecisive and i get nervous/excited about new things. last week, i finally ordered some prints and I LOVE THEM. the quality is great and who doesn't love polaroids??

// what photo printing apps do you use? //


thursday's letters.

dear BBC, thanks for being so witty and, uh, british. i'm convinced that, in another life, i had a fun accent and grew up in a little english town. dear neighbors, we get it. you love fireworks. i love actually sleeping at night. obviously, we are not friends right now. dear monsoon, it's rained for 5 days straight, stopped for a day, and started again. i think it's time for you to go back where you came from. dear folk music, you feel like home to me. dear summer, you are flying by. slow down. drink some sweet tea. stay a while.


music & lyrics // mumford love

there is so much to love about mumford & sons.
the accent.
the style.
the music.
the sons.

happy wednesday, homies!


weekend update.

- spending july 4th at the ceremony honoring andrew and tori. they are now homeowners of a beautiful new house in tennessee! jesus, a lot of skilled workers, and over one thousand volunteers saw this house built in under 7 days.
- eating watermelon and spending time with the fam
- movie dates with friends
- sunshine coming back after 5 days of rain
- watching BBC shows. i heart england.
- fresh flowers
- furniture makeover projects (pictures coming soon!)

deeper // kingdom work :: until only love remains
inspiration board: 4th of july :: jenny highsmith

bold colors and painted furniture like this and this! watch out world, i'm about to take a paintbrush to all the dull furniture in the house. :)

// how was your long weekend? //


funny mondays.

cats, man.
sometimes you think you can jump a lot farther than you actually can.
trust me. i have personal experience.

you're welcome, monday.


weekend melodies.

this song has been on repeat the past few days.
it's a good foot stomper.
happy weekend, brave hearts.

// p.s. don't forget to check out this giveaway. //


happy birthday u.s.a. // a gift for you

Happy 4th of July!

to celebrate, we wanted to join together to give YOU a chance at $100 to williams & sonoma so that you can spend a little extra cash on your backyard, kitchen, home, or whatever room needs a makeover!

the best friend is hosting a MY FAVORITE THINGS GIVEAWAY: this is one of her favorite things, obvi. i'm hoping that $100 would be as big of a blessing to you as it would to me! please use the rafflecopter below to enter. the giveaway ends a week from today! 

good luck & happy independence day!


pinterest style // red, white and blue

the fourth of july is just around the corner, and by corner, i mean tomorrow. the day is going to look a little different this year. partly because it's going to be monsooning, so there probably won't be many fireworks (commence emotional breakdown: fireworks are my favorite part!) the fam and i are planning to head out to the build site to see this couple get the keys to their new house! i can't think of a better way to celebrate our country's freedom than by supporting a friend who has actually fought and sacrificed for that freedom.

so since you probably won't see many artsy pictures pop up on instagram of my family and me at a fourth of july picnic in the country while wearing our matching american flag polo shirts (just kidding. we aren't THAT southern family), i thought i'd give you an idea of how i'd like the fourth of july to look: pinterest style.

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7 // 8 // 9 // 10 // 11

// how do you celebrate independence day? //


weekend update.

- getting to help out at the build site for andrew and tori's new house! it's been a beautiful thing to see people come together (people i haven't seen in years!) and give of their time to work on this project. the house is supposed to be done on july 4th so they can hand over the keys to this sweet family. check out this story to read more about andrew's journey. it is well worth your time.
- alumni events and chattanooga soccer games
- dinner dates with friends
- text conversations that make me laugh until i cry

i'm gonna be // sleeping at last
long trip alone // dierks bentley
little bit of everything // keith urban

this super cute clutch from GAP. i mean seriously, it's sparkly and denim is involved. my birthday is next month...now you know what to get me. ;)


funny mondays.

i am convinced that baby laughs are the best laughs.

you're welcome, monday.