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thursday's letters.

dear BBC, thanks for being so witty and, uh, british. i'm convinced that, in another life, i had a fun accent and grew up in a little english town. dear neighbors, we get it. you love fireworks. i love actually sleeping at night. obviously, we are not friends right now. dear monsoon, it's rained for 5 days straight, stopped for a day, and started again. i think it's time for you to go back where you came from. dear folk music, you feel like home to me. dear summer, you are flying by. slow down. drink some sweet tea. stay a while.


Amy said...

i am so OVER the fireworks.
Listen i love them, 'MERICA & all, but lets just calm it down am'i'right?!
Summer is going way too fast, i completely agree!

Sometimes i find myself thinking, Megan and i are really, really alike...so just know you have a twin in the south east. :)

Jen B said...

I don't know what it is but people in SC LOVE their fireworks. They started about a week before the 4th and continued a week after...sheesh!