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etsy crushes // NO. 5

goodness gracious. i have not posted any etsy crushes lately! i'm reading the harry potter books, i'm on book 5 to be exact, and i'm hooked! i never read them when the rest of my generation did, and when my best friend found out, she told me it would be detrimental to our friendship if i never read the books. just kidding. but for real. the books are so much better than the movies! ALWAYS. i'm not going to lie though. i do love that i saw the movies first in this case because i see the characters and hear their voices as i'm reading and it is the best. so here i am today with some new etsy goodness // harry potter edition.

what are you crushing on lately?
amy over at taking steps home does a weekly etsy crushes post. be sure to check it out!
happy wednesday, brave hearts!


adventures in colorado // glen eyrie

glen eyrie has a special place in my heart. not only are the castle and the grounds absolutely stunning, but i've spent many moments there with some of my dearest friends. taking naps in the softest grass ever, having heart to hearts, and spending quality time with Jesus. there's just something that's completely peaceful about the glen...a beautiful stillness.

my first visit to the glen was back in december of '03. it was actually my very first time being in colorado (one trip to colorado and you are ruined for all other things in life.) my dad had a business trip out in denver and our whole family got to go. #perksofbeinghomeschooled: you get to go on vaca whenever the heck you want. my mom, brother, and i drove down to colorado springs during a blizzard (a regular colorado snow, but a blizzard to us tennesseans) to explore the glen, and it was during our tour that my mom came across a brochure for eagle lake camp, which is where i ended up spending three incredible summers. it was during my summers at eagle lake that i grew in my walk with the Lord, met my best friend, and fell in love with the rocky mountain state.

it might seem silly, but because of that series of events, the glen is special to me. it's because a simple thing like the tour of a pretty castle introduced my family to eagle lake, which has had such a huge impact on my life. all those things put together reminds me that Jesus loves me. Jesus had a plan for my life at 14 years old, the next two summers i would spend in colorado, and the six years in between before i went back as a counselor. i'm just reminded that Jesus does not waste my time. although it may feel like i'm waiting around on him to make something happen, his timing is perfect, and this waiting time is not a waste.

// but they that wait for the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run and not be weary; they shall walk and not faint. // isaiah 40:31


weekend update.

- celebrating emma's 23rd birthday. i can't believe this is our core group's 4th year together!
- evenings filled with movies and hot tea. i am a grandma.
- buying a pair of GAP cords for $0.47. that's 47 cents, y'all. thank you, sales and coupons.
- having the bestie in town for the weekend
- finding out that according to that game at cracker barrel, i am a genius. there is a first time for everything.
- pumpkin decorating! there was a lot of glitter involved.
- running up and down the isles of Target like little kids finding masks to try on. #ironmanforlife #noshame

advertising with rivers + roads
at first light
music & lyrics // emily hearn
adventures in colorado // garden of the gods

hillsong // young & free. this album has been on repeat this past week. be sure to take a listen.
i particularly love this song...

in case you missed the news last week, two of my faves are hosting a christmas exchange!! i could not be more excited. christmas is my favorite holiday, and gifts are my love language. giving and receiving. i love it all. this exchange is open to everyone! you don't have to be a blogger to participate, so get your sign-ups on before november 16th to be included in this christmas goodness! check out beth and samantha for more info :)


advertising with rivers + roads.

i have finally put together a couple advertising packages for the blog and wanted to let you all know! signing up for sponsorships with various blogs has been a great experience for me and has allowed me to meet other bloggers and make new friends. the best! so i wanted to give my readers (you!) the opportunity to do the same here on rivers and roads.

in no way do i want to pressure you into buying ad space! but for those interested, i wanted you to know it is now an option :) if you can't decide whether or not you want to invest in sponsorships, or you don't know what the benefits would be, i highly suggest checking out oak+oat's post about advertising

if you are just starting to test the sponsorship waters, swapping ads is a great way to go. one of my ad options includes a free swap, so please email me if you are interested, and i will send you the promo code! i only have 8 swap spaces available per month, so if one month is full, feel free to sign up for the next one!

please contact me with any and every question you might have about advertising with rivers and roads. i'd love to talk to you! if you are interested in advertising and are ready to go, you can sign up here. for the rest of october, i am offering 15% off all advertising packages using the code: OCTOBERDAYS
as a side note >> a lot of you are no-reply bloggers. oh no! you leave me the sweetest comments and i want to write you back and tell you how much i appreciated it and that i want to be friends, but i can't! the good news is that this is an easy fix. follow these simple instructions to ensure you can receive responses to your kind comments :) thanks a bunch.

happy happy friday, brave hearts.



at first light.

one thing you should know about me is that i am not a morning person. i'm a grumpy, blurry-eyed mess in the mornings. now, i can make myself be friendly and pleasant, but i'm pretty sure that's not my natural bent. i agree with zooey deschanel when she said, "in an ideal world, no one would talk before 10 a.m. people would just hug, becaue waking up is really hard." preach it, sister.

i roll out of bed, get ready in a hurry, jump in the car, and head to work. the sun is just starting to poke its sleepy head above the horizon by the time i get to work, and i love watching the sky change colors as the light paints the clouds. i may not be a morning person, but i'm pretty sure the sunrise each morning is God's gift to me and a reminder to soak up each moment. it's amazing to me how different each and every sunrise is...different cloud shapes and sizes and colors. we have a pretty amazing creator, don't you think?

i've started a hashtag project for myself of just sunrise photos. slowing down enough to enjoy the beauty and to snap a picture in the mornings helps me to refocus my mind and heart before my work day starts. i would love for you to join me! use the hashtag // #morningswithriversandroads


music & lyrics // emily hearn

i discovered this girl a few weeks ago and love love love her music. her voice is pure loveliness, but that sort of comes naturally when you're southern ;) and the guy she is singing with? it's her hubs. how cute is that? that's pretty cute. her new album, promises, just came out and you should get it. just sayin'.

happy wednesday, brave hearts.


adventures in colorado // garden of the gods

a few weeks ago i was out in colorado for a business trip. a tradeshow at the broadmoor hotel to be exact. our exhibitor hours were miniscule to say the least, so i had a ton of free time to see the best friend and have fun colorado adventures! i absolutely LOVE garden of the gods. i take a picture driving past it every time i'm in colorado springs, but i hadn't driven back in there for years! so liz (my coworker) and i decided to go take in the general splendor of it all. we walked the paved paths and marveled at how beautiful everything is.

you can actually go rock climbing in garden of the gods, so we saw a few people looking like tiny little ants up against the rocks. it's slightly terrifying to watch, and i kept wanting to yell "belay on!" but i felt like that might be a tad distracting...

enjoy this photographic tour of the garden. it is so beautiful and pictures just don't do it justice. i'll be back in colorado for thanksgiving and i'm not-so-secretly hoping that it will snow and that i'll get stuck there...for life :)


weekend update.

- a fall photoshoot. it was nice to break out the DSLR and shoot with something other than my iphone.
- receiving two sweet notes via snail mail. internet friends are real, y'all.
- planning a 1st birthday party for a friend's son. this is going to be fun!!
- coffee dates
- buying plane tickets to colorado. i'm going for thanksgiving!!
- sunrises each morning on my way to work
- sketching out some ideas for christmas prints :)

evie june
adventures in tennessee // pumpkin pickin'
music & lyrics // ben howard

QUESTION: do y'all watch Once Upon a Time? what are your thoughts on this season??


adventures in tennessee // pumpkin pickin'

last weekend i spent some time in athens, tn with two of my core group girls. we explored pumpkin town, which is an annual fall market held in downtown athens. after a delicious southern-style lunch, we headed to the mayfield pumpkin patch. mayfield dairy headquarters are located in athens, but i had no idea there was a pumpkin patch! and of course, any time spent with alex and alison makes my heart smile. it was an absolutely gorgeous day in tennessee...perfect for hayrides and pumpkin picking.

slowly but surely, i'm checking things off my fall bucket list!

happy friday, sweet friends!
i hope your weekends are full of campfires, smores, and pumpkin spice.