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adventures in colorado // garden of the gods

a few weeks ago i was out in colorado for a business trip. a tradeshow at the broadmoor hotel to be exact. our exhibitor hours were miniscule to say the least, so i had a ton of free time to see the best friend and have fun colorado adventures! i absolutely LOVE garden of the gods. i take a picture driving past it every time i'm in colorado springs, but i hadn't driven back in there for years! so liz (my coworker) and i decided to go take in the general splendor of it all. we walked the paved paths and marveled at how beautiful everything is.

you can actually go rock climbing in garden of the gods, so we saw a few people looking like tiny little ants up against the rocks. it's slightly terrifying to watch, and i kept wanting to yell "belay on!" but i felt like that might be a tad distracting...

enjoy this photographic tour of the garden. it is so beautiful and pictures just don't do it justice. i'll be back in colorado for thanksgiving and i'm not-so-secretly hoping that it will snow and that i'll get stuck there...for life :)


Amy said...

BELAY ON!....that was amazing. oh man I wish you had done it, it probably would have echoed ;)

such a beautiful place, the colors, the mountains, the sky...it constantly amazes me how God created so many beautiful places, that are all unique and have such different characteristics.

Samantha @ Elah Tree said...

Great photos! I love your faces! I've heard so many great things about garden of the gods. I had a friend who visited there too, while she was at Focus on the Family.

Anonymous said...

Your photos are beautiful Meg! Thanks for sharing!


Beth Mayberry said...

you remind me to enjoy them instead of try to speed past them every day (because tourists go so slow on 30th ;) )

but really. i never get tired of seeing that majestic mountain every day. cannot wait for you to be with us on thanksgiving!

Nicole said...

YES! I love Garden of the Gods. I was visiting my bro and sis in law a year and a half ago and they took us there. So much fun, although I had literally JUST found out I was pregnant and so it was a little exhausting, 1001 degrees AND I had only worn sandals. HAHA. :) Great memories.

Stopping by your blog today via your sponsorship/button on Elah Tree. Happy Wednesday, friend!


Kailagh said...

I was looking through your adventures tag & these pictures are so pretty. I am currently planning a road trip, I am gong to have to stop by this place and hike. Its just breath taking!

xo. Kailagh

Megan McIlvaine said...

oh so fun!! yes, you should definitely stop by. it's extraordinary :)