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for the love of dogs.

it is no secret that i love my pups. i post pictures of them on instagram, and i talk about them here on this space. i also swap funny pet stories in normal conversation with friends. i don't know about you, but in my world, pets are part of the family. we love them and care for them, we snuggle them during thunderstorms, and we giggle at all their weirdness.

sometimes, on random evenings, i pull out the trusty DSLR to snap a few photos of their cute, furry faces. our chocolate lab, ceilidh (kay-lee) is super photogenic, but shadow, our mix, is not. she hates having pictures taken. if i want to get a "cute shadow face" picture, i have to sneak attack her with the camera. otherwise, i get what you see below. lots of "i'm not looking at you" or "i'm super annoyed" faces. she's so silly.

ceilidh is our sweet girl we bought as a puppy 11 years ago. when she was born, we went to see her several times before we got to bring her home, which was pretty special and fun. she has been such a joy of a pet. she may be a little grayer and walk more slowly these days, but she still has that little puppy heart. also, her amber eyes are my favorite.

things ceilidh likes
popcorn on sundays (or any day)
having her ears rubbed
taking long naps
hiding from shadow

i adopted shadow a year and a half ago and am so glad i did. she is the sweetest and quirkiest dog i've ever met. she loooooooooves people. like wants to lick your face and sit in your lap all day long...and she's not exactly the size of a lap dog...but she doesn't know that. she is so weird...SO WEIRD and so cute...and makes me laugh on a daily basis.

things shadow likes:
snuggling AKA sitting in your lap
picking on playing with ceilidh
chasing bumblebees and butterflies
running at crazy speeds around the backyard
yawning in the most dramatic fashion possible
being with people ALL THE TIME (she's an extrovert)

what about you? do you have cute pets you love to talk about?


don't forget your mama.

we are less than two weeks out from mother's day, so if you are planning on ordering something for your mama, this is the week to do it! i thought i'd put together some mother's day inspiration for you just in case you were at a loss for ideas. :)

stardusters | julep
"as sure as the sun" album | ellie holcomb
porcelain vase | wapa studio
polka dot coffee mug | NSPottery
"beautiful person" print | jenny high smith lettering
"sympathy for the skin" body lotion | lush
bright geometric classics | TOMS (because some moms are hipsters ;))
bread & wine | shauna niequist
golden wisteria iPhone case | senay studio

of course, none of this is as good as giving your mama a big hug, or calling her up and telling her how much you love her. so be sure to do that. okay? okay. my mama will be on a sailboat in the florida keys on mother's day...without me (can you tell i'm just a little bit jealous?)...but we will celebrate her when she comes home.

how do YOU celebrate mother's day?


weekend update.

-- thursday night, my core group and i got together for dinner and to pick out all of abbey's wedding music. there were tears. happy tears. (alex and i are the criers in our group and the smallest things can make our eyes water. i just feel things deeply, okay? ;)) it was so fun making decisions on what music abbey will walk down the isle to, and what music will be playing for their first dance... we are 13 days out from her wedding day and so so excited!

-- i signed up for my first box from Julep...it was free! seriously. you can get your first box free as well. give it a shot!  use the code: FREEBOX

-- on friday night,i watched the book thief all by myself and cried my eyes out. i just finished reading the book on Easter and had to give myself a few days to recover before diving back into watching the movie adaptation. whew. it was such an interesting take on war and life and love. i definitely recommend it...the movie AND the book.

-- i threw on some sunscreen, grabbed my water bottle, my favorite sunnies, and spent my saturday afternoon reading on the back porch. i started Bittersweet by shauna niequist and am a few pages shy of finishing it. her words quickly drew me in, and i was hooked by her honesty and vulnerability. i sort of felt like she was sitting on the porch with me telling me her life story.

-- the weather this weekend was, for lack of a better word, delicious. the high was in the 80s, but it was a cool 80s. the steady breeze kept it from ever feeling hot.  between the gorgeous weather and shauna's book, i stayed outside for quite a while, and y'all, no amount of sunscreen will save my fair skin from the lovely rays of the sun. it's a burden i must bear. hence, parts of me are a brilliant shade of red. think sebastian from the little mermaid...

-- i am still finishing up my lent journal from naptime diaries (i was late in ordering it + super late in starting it) but i am also joining in on She Reads Truth's  current plan, The Risen Christ. do you ever read scripture out loud when you are having your quiet times, and if you do, does it ever make you cry? *raises hand* there's something about reading scripture out loud by myself. i hear it better (no pun intended) than reading it silently. it speaks louder to my heart, and i tend to remember it longer. all of that to say, i am loving this plan She Reads Truth is doing. it's a beautiful way to celebrate post-Easter and to be reminded what our lives should look like as we follow a Risen Savior.

-- well hello there, summer sorbet.
-- i love this DIY painted canvas idea!
-- orange smoothie, get in my belly. can you tell i'm craving summery drinks these days?
-- love this list of facts+favorites from oh simple thoughts.
-- i haven't bought anything from thredup yet, but this review makes me hopeful that it could be a good experience!
-- have y'all seen the "how it should have ended" videos? the ones for frozen and harry potter are my favorites. :)

music & lyrics | currently listening to...
10 reasons to work at camp.
etsy crushes // NO. 8
paige | moments for the journey

-- i played basketball in middle school and couldn't make the shot from the foul line throwing regularly, but you better believe i could sink that shot granny style.
-- otters are some of my favorite animals in the world. they hold hands while they sleep so they won't drift away from each other. i can't even handle the cuteness.
-- when i find music i like, i play it over and over and over until everyone else is sick of it except for me. #igetobsessedwiththings ;)

how was your weekend??


paige | moments for the journey

happy friday, everyone!  today i want to introduce you to my sweet friend, paige, who has been hanging out on my sidebar all month!  paige had me for #etsyswap2014, and it has been so fun getting to know her a little better over the past few weeks.  i knew you'd probably want to know all about her too, so she's here today answering a few questions about herself!

My name is Paige and I am a born and raised Carolina girl currently living in Utah with my husband. We are the youth ministers at a church and also work full-time (he as the Marketing Director for our local Chick-Fil-A and I as the secretary for a small Christian school and daycare). I am a huge nerd. I love to journal, blog, watch Doctor Who, drink hot tea, and bundle up with a warm blanket and good book. My blog has a little bit of all of that. It is my place to share all of the moments - big and small - that warm my heart and make me smile. It is all about the moments that make this journey special.

I originally started blogging back in 2010 as a way to keep family and friends back home up-to-date on our ministry in Utah, but it has slowly evolved from that.

At the beginning of this year I decided to make blogging more of a priority and devote more time to growing Moments for the Journey. This came with a major rebranding and renaming of my blog. I knew that I wanted to focus my blog on the blessings that God has given me. I wanted to share all of the moments that make my life special and ordinary and simply my life. So after much thought I came up with Moments for the Journey because I knew that my blog would be a place to gather the moments that make this journey special.

Oh man, so much inspires me. Music, a cup of hot tea, warm blankets, the sound of rain pouring just outside of my open window in the Spring, but mostly God’s Word. I love learning from Him during my quiet time.

This is a tough one...Italy or Ireland. Either one of those would work! I would love to explore every bit of those countries.

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etsy crushes // NO. 8

it is high time for some new etsy crushes, my friends. like amy, i love etsy. i love how diverse it is. i love how creative you homemade shop owners are. and i love that we get to support small businesses by shopping on etsy! it's because of these things that amy and i created the Etsy Swap! i'm sure those of you that participated in our swap discovered a lot of new shops out there. hooray! don't forget to promote those creatives to your friends and family. i know for a fact they need and appreciate your support! :)

p.s. if you missed out on our spring fever swap, don't worry. there will be another etsy swap this fall!

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6

what are you crushing on?


10 reasons to work at camp.

as many of you know, i spent a few summers in colorado working at a camp called eagle lake. they were some of the best summers i've had thus far and had such a huge impact on my life. one thing i love about eagle lake is the navigator's emphasis on discipleship. they realize the importance, as believers, of being poured into, walking alongside each other, and growing together in relationship with Jesus.

during the two summers i worked at eagle lake as a CREW camper, i was discipled by two incredible counselors. it was those two women and my experience at camp that made me want to go back as a counselor one day. i wanted to pour into others like i had been poured into. i wanted to spread the name of Jesus and be a part of the beautiful web of discipleship.  my heart was for the CREW program because i had participated in it as a high schooler and i wanted to work with high schoolers myself. high school is such an interesting time in life as you are entering a world of semi-adulthood and expected to make a million different life decisions without having had any actual life experience. it's exciting and confusing and completely overwhelming all at the same time.

so i worked with high schoolers for a summer. it was the most challenging and rewarding time of my life as i got to know my campers, their stories, and their walks with Jesus. we laughed and cried and prayed a whole lot. it was such a beautiful thing to be able to come beside those campers, to become their friend, and to see them grow in their relationship with Jesus. the greatest joy comes from seeing how Jesus continues to mold them even today, three years down the road. i formed friendships with my campers that have lasted, and i have even gotten to see some of them go back to eagle lake as counselors themselves. how wonderful is that??

so why am i telling you this? well, you see, summer is approaching and eagle lake is still in the process of hiring their summer staff! if you are between the ages of 18 - 23, and still trying to figure out your summer plans, this is me highly encouraging you to consider eagle lake camp. not quite convinced? let me give you 10 good reasons.

1. you get to spend the entire summer in colorado.
2. there is no humidity or mosquitos. (southerners will appreciate this the most.)
3. epic chaco tans are a given.
4. camp t-shirts -- to add to that awesome t-shirt quilt you're going to make five years from now.
5. you can't beat the community - 3 months with the same people? you get real close, real fast.
6. stars that burn like diamonds - seriously. sleep outside one night. i've never seen stars like that.
7. you won't sleep much, but you'll also never have felt more alive. #enthusiasmiscontagious
8. you may meet your best friend. i did!
9. you will be serving the Kingdom & be involved in something that has a significant eternal impact.
10. you will witness the Lord changing lives. your life & the lives of those around you. it is beautiful.


please let me know if you apply or are even thinking about applying! i would love to be praying for you! if you have any questions about eagle lake, feel free to shoot me an email. i love talking about that place because it is so dear to my heart, and would be happy to answer any questions or concerns you might have. plus, if you end up at eagle lake this summer, i pinky promise to send you some snail mail because camp mail is like gold. :) please feel free to share this info with your friends! i know eagle lake is still looking for male counselors for this summer, so pass the word along to your brothers, friends, etc. thanks a bunch!



music & lyrics | currently listening to...

i've been slowly adding some new music to my library over the past couple of months, but last week i went all out. apparently it was "buy-all-the-albums" week. sorry if y'all missed out. ;) let me break it down for you. here are five albums you need to purchase immediately. it'll be the best thing you do all day. promise.

ellie holcomb | as sure as the sun
this album is full of grace and truth. i bought it the day it was released, listened on my lunch break, and cried the whole way through. every single lyric is laced with scripture and soothing to the soul. just what every heart needs.

judah and the lion | first fruits & sweet tennessee
both of these albums are so good, y'all. first fruits was their first ep and contains some really beautiful and fun worship music. sweet tennessee is an album that would make you feel southern even if you weren't from the south. it's music that will make you sing, clap, and stomp your feet. these guys opened for drew holcomb and the neighbors when they were in chattanooga a couple weeks ago, and i'm not going to lie, i would have been okay with them playing all night. it was like a perfect slice of southern heaven.

needtobreathe | rivers in the wasteland
i LOVE this new album of needtobreathe's! there is something about experiencing new melodies for the first time. i sat and listened to this one all the way through and felt like i'd been on a journey. it is a great one...one of my favorites of theirs. a friend and i are looking to see them live at some point this year. wanna come with us? great! the more the merrier.

rend collective | the art of celebration
i just posted about this one last week! this whole album feels like one big party. as they say "heaven's going to be the greatest party of all time and we need to start practicing now." every single song is filled with joy and hope and a beautiful picture of Christ. it carries with it the reminder that we should be choosing joy daily and celebrating the freedom we have in Jesus. amen? amen!

p.s. if you like their music, i highly encourage you to support these artists by buying their albums and not just listening for free on spotify and such. ;) #musiciansgottaeat plus, you are going to want to have these tunes on hand to listen to over and over in the car, or at the beach, or while you're getting ready in the mornings, or heck, while you're washing dishes. kitchen dance parties, am i right?

what's on your playlist these days?


weekend update.

-- two copies of the secret life of walter mitty were delivered to my house last week. come to find out, in my excitement, i ordered the movie in march forgetting that i had already pre-ordered it in february. haha! somebody's getting walter mitty as a birthday gift this year! ;)

-- my core group and i have been dyeing easter eggs together for the past four years. it's one of our traditions. this year two of my girls couldn't make it so it was just alex, her hubs, and myself...dyeing easter eggs and watching finding nemo. the best.

-- i loved our sermon at church Easter morning from matthew 28. "and behold, I am with you always, to the end of the age." what a beautiful promise!

-- we had a super chill sunday afternoon watching movies, soaking up the sun, and reading books. i finished "the book thief" and ugly cried my way through the last few chapters. it's heartbreaking and beautiful at the same time.

-- this post on patience during the journey was what my heart needed to be reminded of this week.
-- the wonderful world of snails. who knew a snail's life could be so magical?
-- have you guys seen this video floating around the world wide webs this week?
-- only the most adorable pictures ever
-- what is your disney personality? i'm mufasa. haha!
-- loved this post on vulnerability. we need more of that.

spring adventures
april sponsors | use the code: MAYFLOWER for 25% off all advertising options!
DIY | ribbon garland
the art of celebration

-- the chronicles of narnia is my favorite literary series of all time.
-- i hate the taste and smell of olives.
-- growing up, my favorite disney movies were peter pan and robin hood.

how was your weekend?


the art of celebration.

it's about time for some honest talk, friends. this video made me cry. like an aching cry. a cry that shouts "amen!" and "Jesus, please come back soon" all at the same time. this week has been a really rough one. it's been one of those weeks where just about everything in my life that gets me down weighed extra heavily on me. it's like one thing happens that triggers everything else. i spent a lot of time at work this week with uncontrollable tears rolling down my face. thank goodness for the privacy of cubicles, right? i spent my days with headphones in listening to some of my new favorite worship music...just trying not to fall apart. it was a week where i was exceedingly aware of how much i needed Jesus every minute of every day to hold me together.

in talking to my best friend about this week i told her, "i love Jesus so much. life is just so hard sometimes." so what do you do when the world wears you down? do you sit there and take the beating? no way, sister. you stand firm and thank the Lord your God for the gifts he has given. the gift to wake up each morning, the gift to glimpse another sunrise, the gift of laughter, the gift of life itself. every single gift. you name it.

you choose joy. 

"seriousness is not a fruit of the spirit, but joy is."

i'm not saying you have to be happy all the time. happiness is not the same thing as joy. joy is a spiritual discipline, and you must choose it over and over. this world will do all that it can to wear you down. fight, brave hearts, with all your might, for joy. no matter what you are facing, there is a Gospel and a King worth celebrating. and guess what? that King celebrates over you as well. you are his, and he cares more deeply for you than you will ever know. i pray that you and i both remember this, and that he would be the song of our hearts and the hope of our souls.  

how fitting that all of this hit me the week of easter. i am a broken being fully known and fully loved by a constant Savior who came to make me whole. Jesus came to save that i may live life and live it to the full. to live a life free of fear, free of sorrow, free of guilt, and free of shame. to live a life of celebration. there is nothing more beautiful than that.

take heart, brave ones, for He has overcome the world.

He is risen.


DIY | ribbon garland

i co-hosted a bridal shower two weeks ago, and all the decorations were made by alex and myself. we wanted to create a cute garland to hang on the wall as a focal point during the shower and happened upon this pinspiration. some of you asked for a tutorial, so this is for you!

this garland was so easy to make and it looks great! follow these simple steps to create your own!

what you'll need:
-- fabric | colors of your choice
-- string | i used baker's twine
-- scissors

one | measure your space and cut your string accordingly. i would add a little extra on both ends just in case you have an oops moment.

two | begin cutting your fabric into strips. i cut mine 1 - 1 1/2 inches wide and 12 inches long. we purchased 4 colors of fabric and got 1 yard in each of them except for the gold. we didn't need as much gold, so i think we just bought 1/4 yard. we had plenty enough to make two garlands!

three | tie the fabric strips around the string. as you do so, push the fabric together so that the garland looks full. it's very easy to move the fabric around if you need to insert other colors. don't worry about it being perfect...it's supposed to have a messy look.

four | if you have a color you are using less of (like our gold), add that one in last. it's easier to figure out the placement for it once you have the majority of the garland completed. also, try to be semi-random about your fabric placement. i think it's helps the overall aesthetic if the colors aren't too organized.

five | hang your garland and enjoy! i told you it was easy! i will definitely be making this one again.

what is one of your favorite DIYs?


spring adventures.

spring is here! at least, in tennessee it is. everything is coming back to life, birds are chirping their springtime tunes, flowers are blooming, and pollen is everywhere.  every year when spring comes around we start our lists. you know the lists. spring cleaning and home projects and this and that. what about spring adventures, though? forget your work lists, start making your adventure lists for spring!

this cute springtime infographic was shared with me by shari's berries, and i just had to show it to you. fun fact: i started out as a graphic design major back in the day, so i'm a sucker for anything that's organized and visually pleasing. also, having a slight type A personality, charts are my jam.

spend a sunday at the chattanooga market
take lots of scenic hikes
go on a kayak adventure
bike the river walk
eat meals outside and take in the fresh air
drive with the windows down and music up
finish reading two books 
go for a long drive in the country



weekend update.

-- i bought TOMS for the first time ever. i don't know what took me so long to commit! i bought two pair. one bright and summery, and the other is a snow leopard print, because i'm sassy like that.

-- confession: sometimes i feel insecure about the fact that i do not use the instagram square frame anymore. i go for the rectangle. what is your instagram preference? (p.s. i realize this concern i feel is completely absurd ;))

-- my "speak life" t-shirt from naptime diaries came in this week! i love the reminder it gives to watch my words and to only speak words of truth that uplift and encourage.

-- the weather has been so nice and the days have been longer, so i've gotten to go walk my puppy a couple miles in the evenings when i get home from work!

-- on saturday night, i went to a drew holcomb and the neighbors concert. also, judah and the lion opened up the show and KILLED it. the whole evening was like a slice of southern heaven.

-- i went to see captain america yesterday with one of my friends who appreciates/loves nerdy movies just as much as i do! it was SO good! #merica

little brave | giveaways
spring bridal showers
the stitch fix experience
amanda fair designs | giveaway

-- i loved this post on how to love a blogger.
-- i have been wanting to work on my calligraphy! here are some great tips and tricks!
-- this adorable dress was on sale last week and made its way to my house!
-- do you remember the goat video craze from last year? check out this one from Frozen.

-- i could honestly drink caramel syrup out of the bottle. i am not ashamed.
-- my first car was a blue 1990 honda accord. i named him braveheart.
-- one time at the beach, my brother and i got stuck in the middle of a swarm of stingray. thank goodness for floats to sit on and calm water. we were fine, btw.

what were your weekend adventures?


amanda fair designs | GIVEAWAY

 photo amandafairdesignsgiveaway_zps52118b1a.jpg

well hey there! how are today? i really want to know. i'm so excited that it is almost the weekend and time for fun outings and time with friends!  but first things first...today i'm cohosting a giveaway with paige of moments for the journey. what's up for grabs? an amanda fair designs zipper bag of your choice! have you guys ever checked out her shop?...because you should! it is full of bright, fun colors and pouches in many sizes! so what are you waiting for? enter to win! good luck and may the odds be ever in your favor. ;)

HERE'S YOUR CHANCE TO WIN! this giveaway is run via rafflecopter with several ways to enter! in exactly one week the giveaway will close, one winner will be selected at random and announced! the winner will be contacted by email. all entries will be verified, so pretty pretty please play by the rules! :) good luck and may the odds be ever in your favor!

a Rafflecopter giveaway
happy happy friday, brave hearts. i hope you have a beautiful weekend!



i found out about stitch fix a few months ago through my best friend and finally decided to give it a try! before i tell you more about that, you may be wondering what stitch fix is and how it works. let me fill you in!

simply put, stitch fix is an online personal styling service for women. you will set up a stitch fix account, fill out a style profile (this includes questions about your style, sizes, and favorite things to wear), and submit! it is honestly as easy as that. you are assigned to a personal stylist who will go through your style profile and put together a package of 5 handpicked items.

there is a $20 styling fee up front, which you pay once you have scheduled your first fix.  this will go toward your final fix total once you decide what you want to keep.  when filling out your style profile, you will have the option to choose what kind of price range you are willing to pay. stitch fix will send you clothing within your price range, but they say that the overall average of each piece is $65. here's the fun news! if you decide to keep all 5 items, you will receive 25% off your entire order.

here's where my stitch fix experience comes into play. i received my very first fix last week and was so excited to open the box and try everything on.  i liked the color of the blouses and the dress they sent, but i didn't like the fit of the dress or one of the shirts. they sent me two pairs of jeans...a dark wash and a black wash. one did not fit, but the other did. however, i'd just recently bought a pair of black jeans, so i didn't need a new pair at this time.

so i didn't like enough out of this fix to keep it all, and i didn't want to pay full price for the couple of items i only sort of liked. no worries! stitch fix provides you with a bag with pre-paid postage to send back the clothes you don't want. i just had to drop it off at the post office and send it on its way back home.

although this fix didn't work out, i absolutely loved having someone else pick out clothes for me and ship them to my house! whether you keep your fix or send it back, you have the opportunity to give stitch fix feedback about each item. if you didn't love the items, give them very detailed feedback about what you didn't like, and be very detailed about what you would like to see in your next fix! the stylists want to know these things because it helps them do their job well! i will definitely be ordering my next fix soon!



spring bridal showers.

this past weekend, my sweet friend alex and i hosted a bridal shower for our precious abbey who is getting married in may! abbey has been in my core group for the past four years. we met when she was a sophomore in college and i had just graduated. i was taking over as the new leader of the bible study she was in...my college bestie had led the group through their freshman year. i have loved not only being the leader of that group, but also becoming friends with all of those girls. abbey was so quiet to start out, but once you get to know her, she opens up. :) she is such a sweet, tenderhearted person, and i have loved watching her grow in her relationship with others and with the Lord over the past few years. it has truly been a joy.

when alex and i were planning for this shower, we wanted a theme that was classic and feminine. we went with mints and pinks and gold. in order to keep the cost down, we made all of the desserts and decorations ourselves. we were so pleased with how everything turned out!

we spent time sharing stories about how we met abbey/funny and awkward moments, opening gifts, and praying over abbey's upcoming marriage. it really was a beautiful time of fellowship together celebrating this sweet lady. love you, abs! i can't wait until may!