Just this month I introduced a new series with two of my dear friends, Beth and Sam. We are so excited for the potential of this project, and we are so excited for you to join in on the fun! TriStyle & CO. is a collaboration between Samantha of Elah Tree, Elizabeth of Oak + Oats,  and me (Meg of Rivers and Roads!) Our goal is to encourage, awaken, and celebrate the inherent beauty in each one of us as we live in community. Community is a beautiful buzz word and we LOVE the idea of it but even more than loving the idea, we love bringing it! TriStyle & CO. is just that; a place for community and belonging. 

I've got 5 great reasons for you to join TriStlye & Co.!

Like I said, community is all the rage these days. We are all seeking it, and TriStyle is a great place to find it.  We have created a Google+ community for you to join if you like! Share posts, pins, and giveaways to your heart's content! Make new friends! That space will be a perfect place for you to network with other bloggers and cultivate new relationships!

If you're like me, you almost never use Google+...that is until a couple of months ago. I have discovered that I love Google+ so much more than Facebook. I feel like it's more interactive for blogging purposes and it's easier to navigate/follow along! It has so much untapped potential that I am just now discovering.

Okay, so this one applies if you're participating in our monthly TriStlye & Co. challenges. We will be featuring an item from different shops each month, each of us will style it differently, and then you have the opportunity to purchase that same item and show us how YOU style it! It's like we all went shopping together and bought the same thing. How cute is that? #besties

So you're here because you are a blogger, or you want to be, or you are a shop owner, a mother, a sister, a friend. Whatever it is, we are all in this together, and if you need a place to ask questions, learn, share stories, and be invested in, the TriStyle community is that place for you.

You don't have to pay anything to join, so you've got nothing to lose! It's a win-win situation for ya! All good things. All good things.

Madison said...

I love what y'all are doing with this new community! So awesome! :) When will y'all announce next month's challenge?!

Meg McIlvaine said...

Yay! :) Next week! Each challenge will be announced the first Tuesday of the month, and we'll do a recap the last Tuesday of the month. :)

ursula @ Nothern Ambitions said...

Great idea. But I'm sort of confused, how do we join up. Check in for next months challenge? Love that shirt it's a good message to spread

allisonramsing said...

I love this new community!

Victoria said...

Tell me more about Google+. I actually just accidentally activated mine last week...Several people added me to their circles and I don't even know what's happening! I'm where you were a couple of months ago. :)

Angela said...

I don't love Google+ maybe because I don't fully understand it?? Not sure..

Meg McIlvaine said...

I was definitely confused by it at first and definitely haven't figure it all out, but I do love that we can create different categories within our TriStyle community page. I think it makes it very organized.

Meg McIlvaine said...

Check out you Google+ feed. The people who are in your "circles" and who post on Google+ will have their posts show up there. I do love that we can create different categories within our TriStyle community page. I think it makes it very organized.

Meg McIlvaine said...

Yay! Glad you are a part of it!

Meg McIlvaine said...

Check out our first TriStyle post and challenge! It will explain the process for ya!

Leah Mancl said...

I just recently started using Google+ more often in the last couple weeks. I wholeheartedly agree that it is a perfect platform for bloggers/creatives to connect. I just requested to join the page and I'm excited to be a part of this community!

Victoria said...

Ok! I won't give up on it yet!