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New York state of mind. That pretty much describes me right now, plus all the million other things on my mind, but I haven't stopped thinking about my weekend in New York since I got home. We saw so many people and places, and yet, there is still so much to explore! It baffles me how a city can be so dense and so vast at the same time. It stretches on for miles and miles. I'm from the south and am used to buildings having space between them and apartment complexes being built high on a hill top all by themselves. In New York, everything is designed and built right on top of each other. I feel like you could reach out your window and shake your neighbors hand if you wanted. 

Central Park was the last official stop during our day in NYC before turning around and running to catch the train at Grand Central. Before we headed into the park, we popped into the Plaza Hotel, grabbed a delicious cupcake, and took it into the park to enjoy. We strolled around, took a hundred photos, captured the sights, laughed at the silly park squirrels, and kept moving just to stay warm. Central Park always makes me think of the movie Enchanted. Do you remember the scene where Giselle bursts into song in the park and everyone joins her for a fantastic and perfectly choreographed dance party? That is what I think of. :)

I totally thought this building looked like it belonged in the magical world of Frozen. I imagine Wandering Oaken's Trading Post got a face lift and looks something like this now. ;) Yoohoo! Big summer blowout!

Have you been to NYC? What are your memories of Central Park...move-related or real life? :) Have you taken a carriage ride around the park? Tell me your favorite things about NYC! XOXO.


Stacia said...

I adore Central Park! The first time I went I HAD to see the Balto statue because the Balto movie was a huge part of my growing up. There are so many beautiful things to see in the park. :)

Amy said...

the snow. ahhhhh...so jealous.
i would love to visit central park some day! <3
(also that horse picture - on point friend, on point!)

Meg McIlvaine said...

Real talk: Tyler took that pic of the horse. :)

Meg McIlvaine said...

Oh so fun!! We only saw a small part of it..there is so much more to explore!

allisonramsing said...

I really want to find this epic bridge. Do you remember where you found it in Central Park?

Meg McIlvaine said...

Hmmm. We entered the park right across from the Plaza Hotel..there was a pond and a bridge there! The tunnel was northwest from there. :)

allisonramsing said...

Thanks for your help!