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Summer!! Every time I think of summer, I want to burst into song, Olaf style. There are always so many things I want to do during this season. The beautiful, warm weather makes my heart smile and beckons me outside to soak up some Vitamin D. Summer makes me want to get super tan, jump off cliffs into crystal clear water, run through sprinklers, watch a fireworks show, and drink all the iced coffee in the world. Just to name a few. ;) I know I can't do everything I want to this summer, but I've created a list of things I'd love to do and think I can actually check off my list!

Make lots of homemade ice cream.
Beth has been on an ice cream making spree, and I've nominated myself as a taste tester. It's such a burden, really. ;) My two favorites so far: espresso and mint chocolate chip. YUM TOWN. I'm excited to see what other delicious ice cream creations she comes up with!

Discover new coffee shops.
Coffee shops are some of my favorite hangouts for friend dates, working on the blog or emails, or reading a good book. I had a couple of favorites back home, and am slowly learning where all the cool coffee shops are in Colorado Springs.

Go on lots of hikes.
There are so many great trails to explore all around the city and so close to home. I crave the outdoors and fresh air, so hikes are high on my priority list.

Attend a Renaissance Festival.
Guys, there is a Renaissance festival happening right up the road from us, and we have plans to go soon! Someone find me a cute Renaissance-y way to wear my hair. ;)

Climb a 14er.
This has been on my bucket list for a lonnnnng time, and I'm really hoping to check it off the list at some point...maybe this summer??

Go camping.
We have plans to hopefully head up to Buena Vista for some camping at the end of the summer, and I'm so excited. Trips with friends, sleeping outside, stargazing...it's all on the list.

Spend every Saturday at the Mayberrys.
But seriously. So far so good. I spend my Saturdays with my best friends. While the boys work on finishing the basement, Beth and I cook meals and do what bloggers do and sit on the porch to read and work on our Chaco tans. It's the life.

See five free movies in the theater.
So we happen to have a connection at the movies this year that allows us to for freebies sometimes. So far we've seen Inside Out and Jurassic World! Watching movies is one of my favorite things, and I love experiencing movies new and old with some of my best friends. There's just something about laughing and crying and feeling all the feels that a movie may bring out in each of you. What are the must-see movies for you this summer?

Read two books.
I'm currently working on three or so books, and it's my goal to finish at least two of them this summer. I love finding a quiet spot outside on my lunch breaks and getting lost in a story for an hour.

Say yes to a spontaneous adventure.
I don't know what this is going to look like yet, but I'm open to it. If you know me at all, you know I'm quite the planner, but am totally able to wear my stretchy pants for when plans change. So bring on the spontaneity, summer! I'm ready for ya.

Make a summer soundtrack.
Are there certain songs that feel like summer to you or bring back memories of summers gone by? Melodies are memories to me. I can either tell you where I first heard it, who I was with, or what I was doing. So I'm putting together a playlist for this first summer in Colorado.

Are you a fan of summer? What is on your bucket list for this season? Big plan or little plans; I want to hear them all!



1 | Blueberries for daysssss. Seriously, fresh fruit in the summertime is so scrumptious.

2 | My best friends are working on finishing their basement, so a lot of my weekend time is spent over at their house hanging out and cooking meals while the boys work. Yesterday, Beth and I pitched in to help and Bruce bravely let me use the big guns. My dad would have been proud. ;)

3 | Popsicles scream summertime to me. What are your go-to summertime treats?

4 | This view will never grow old to me. I stop and stare in wonder every time. The way the sunshine hits the mountain ranges at the day's end is just magic. Pike's Peak, you're a beauty.

-- This cat, though.
-- For all the single ladies this wedding season.
-- Ahhh. This shirt.
-- Cutest ponytail. I want to try!
-- I'm trying to decide if I could rock a romper. I love this one.
-- Can someone build me a tiny house? I will live there forever.

My Insta Faves | Creatives

Guys, how was your weekend? Did you hang out with some friends? Did you go on any adventures? Did you find a new favorite song for summer? Did you cook/bake anything delicious? I just want to know all about your life. ;) XOXO.



If you don't already know, I love Instagram. In fact, I kind of have an entire series dedicated to it and phone photography! Instagram is my favorite social media platform and my favorite way to interact with all you people of the internets! Because I'm all about sharing the love, I wanted to show you a few Instagram accounts of bloggers and creatives I really love to follow, and I think you may want to as well!
@oakandoats | This girl is rocking the creative life these days. She is whipping up one delicious and homemade ice cream recipe after the other, and being Beth's best friend, I get to taste test them all. Lucky me!

@savannahmaiedae | I love everything Maiedae does, and Savannah's feed is such a fresh and beautiful representation of her life. She also gives some pretty killer beauty tips and tutorials.

@elahtree | Sam has one of the most beautiful hearts, and I love following along with her journey of being a creative married to an animator. Their adventures have recently taken them from California to New York and their new home there. Follow along for some beautiful photos and a great photography series on her blog.

@inhonorofdesign | Anna's style posts are some of my favorites. Whether it's home style or personal style, she rocks it all. Her family is adorable and she lives in the south, so I just can't help myself! My little southern heart is drawn to her pretty feed.

@hopeengaged | I love Katie and her heart for the Lord and for people. Her feed is full of life and her international travels. One of my favorite aspects of her feed is the color. So. Much. Color. Heart eyes for dayssssss.

@amy.hodgdon | Amy's Alaskan life is one I love to follow along via Insta. She has a beautiful adventurous spirit, and I love seeing where that takes her and her husband all across their state.

@natalieborton | I've followed Natalie for quite some time now, and love her beautifully chic style and cute California life. She always has the BEST clothing suggestions, so if you're looking to update your closet at any point in your life, I'd follow Natalie.

@elsielarson | I can't say enough good things about Elsie's feed. Two words: color blocking. She did this for a while, and I was completely in love with it! As one half of A Beautiful Mess, Elsie is a woman with an incredible creative mind and that definitely comes across through her photos. If you need inspiration, this is where you can find it.

Who are some of your favorite creative/blogger Instagram accounts to follow? I'm always looking for new Insta friends, so leave your suggestions for me in the comments! Check back next week for a list of Instagram feeds for my favorite adventurers. XOXO.



1 | Beth and I attended our first ever class at REI last week, and plan on attending even more! This one was a very brief overview of macro photography. The next class on the list is on hiking a 14er (which is on my bucket list of things to do!) I love that REI provides learning opportunities like these for their members. Stay cool, REI.

2 | I love capturing the smallest details of life. I'm always on the lookout for the tiniest flowers or prettiest leaves or most glistening raindrops, and I could sit for an hour and watch the way the wind moves through blades of grass. Do you take time to stop and notice the smaller things in life? I think they are just as beautiful as anything else!

3 | Camp will forever have my heart. I got to head up to Eagle Lake on Monday with a group from work, and I will never not love getting the opportunity to spend a day there. That place holds so many wonderful (and some difficult) memories for me, but all memories of moments that helped me grow as a person and in my walk with Jesus.

4 | We have been having BEAUTIFUL weather in Colorado, which is a nice change from the monsoons we had when I first moved here. I get outside every chance I get to soak up some Vitamin D and to work on my Chaco tan. It's a thing, people.

-- This Disney art. LOVE.
-- A twenty minute task list for bloggers.
-- Adventure time.
-- Ugh. I am obsessed.
-- Rock a romper.
-- Fresh peach sorbet.
-- The importance of shooting in manual.

Not a Native | Cheyenne Canyon
Currently | VOL. 4




READING | The Maze Runner series. I watched the movie a few months ago and immediately knew I wanted to read the books, so I ordered the entire series. I'm on the second one and read a few pages every chance I get. I love how much more detail is in the books, and I'm excited to read the rest of the series before the next movie is released! I'm also working my way through Shauna Niequist's Cold Tangerines. I love the way that lady writes. It makes me feel as if I'm sitting across the table from her in a cute coffee shop listening to her tell stories of her life.

ANTICIPATING | All the adventures this part of my journey holds. There are plans for camping and hiking, friends and game nights, dreams of seeing more Broadway shows, and ideas swirling around for this little online space.

MISSING | Home. However, I'm not as homesick as I was my first few weeks in Colorado. I think I've moved into the "I can't believe I live here" stage. The bursting-into-tears-in-public stage has subsided for now, which helps me not feel nearly as emotionally unstable or cray cray these days, so that's always nice. ;)

CELEBRATING | Friends and babies. If you know me at all, you know how much I love to celebrate people. One of my friends is having a baby boy in October, and tonight we get to celebrate her and this new adventure for her family. These summer months are also full of birthdays, and it is so fun to shower your friends will love and confetti and birthday cake.

LISTENING | To basically everything. We saw Wicked on Tuesday night, so I've been on a Broadway musical kick. The Beauty and the Beast soundtrack has been played a handful of times this week. It's a classic. Drew Holcomb's "Medicine" album has been playing...mostly I put American Beauty and I've Got You on repeat. :) Hold Back the River by James Bay has also become a favorite to turn up loud and sing along to in the car. What are you listening to these days?




As you may know, I live in Colorado now. This Tennessee girl packed her bags a month and a half ago and moved away from her hometown after twenty-six years of living in the sweet south. You may also know that I did my best to make the most of my time in Tennessee. I have always been a huge advocate for being an explorer and adventurer in your own city, and I tried to live that out back home. Whether it was taking long drives to discover new spots and back roads, getting out in my kayak, checking out new trails, or finding hidden gems of coffee shops, I was always on the hunt for the new and exciting within my hometown.

There is a bumper sticker you will more than likely see if you happen to drive through Colorado. It has green mountains with white lettering that says "native". People are proud to be from this state. I get it. I love my home state too. There's another bumper sticker you'll see that is almost identical, and it says "not a native, but I got here as fast as I could!" That's me. ;) Not a native, but so happy to be here and incredibly eager to explore as much of Colorado as I can. So there you go, the inspiration for this new adventure series.

So far since moving here, I've managed to explore at least one new location each week. Of course, this isn't really difficult to do since so much of Colorado is new to me. :) My adventure buddy and I have been making the most of our weekends and hope to get in a lot of hiking and fresh air this summer. A couple of weekends ago, we found ourselves in the Cheyenne Canyon area above Helen Hunt Falls. We were looking for a place to hang up a hammock and had to go trailblazing to find the perfect spot. You should know, sometimes the most beautiful spots are off the beaten path. We laughed, relaxed, and appreciated the stillness and silence the great outdoors can offer if you're willing to listen.

Where are some of your favorite spots to explore in your city or state? Are you from Colorado? Leave me a comment with some suggested locations to explore! :) Stay tuned for more of my adventures in the Not a Native series as I continue to explore this new city and home.



1 | We visited the farmers market on Saturday, and strolled around with coffee in hand. Market days mean you come home with delicious fresh fruit. These cherries were yum town.

2 | Whether it's game night, coffee dates, or weekend adventures, living here and getting to do life with my best friend is the greatest.

3 | Exploring this new city and home is exciting for me. I love finding my favorite spots for coffee, for meeting with friends, for spending time taking in the splendor of it all.

4 | Beth and I set off to explore new trails on Sunday. We sat in our tent and watched as the stormy clouds rolled in and listened as the rain drops fell. The fresh mountain air never fails to refresh my spirit.

-- The new Frozen ride at Epcot is going to be amazing!
-- All the feels for you animal lovers.
-- I'm a fan of theme songs.
-- How to date well.
-- Laughing lions are the best lions.

Stanley | Inspiring Adventure
June Goals
Five Things You Don't Know About Me | VOL. 8
Father's Day Gift Guide




Father's Day, gift guide, Stanleyness

Father's Day is just a week and a half away! June 21st to be exact. Have you picked up a gift for your dad yet to show him he is remembered, appreciated, and loved? I've got a small Father's Day inspired gift guide for you in case you are stuck and need some ideas!

KANCHA Laptop Sleeve | Give your dad some rad, ethically made tech gear.

Stanley Vacuum Mug | For the adventurous dad. P.S. I have a Stanley giveaway on Facebook today!

Jimmy Fallon's Dada Book | Because who wouldn't want to read a book by Jimmy Fallon?

Starbucks Coffee | You know your dad loves him some good coffee. I just love it because it comes in pretty packaging!

REI Picnic Table | How fun is this table? Perfect for those intense card and scrabble games you play while camping.

Rubber Band Gun | Dads are really just kids parading as adults. You know you want to have a rubber band gun fight!

TOMS Shoes | If your dad is hip with the kids, he may appreciate a new pair of kicks like these. Get $5 off $50.

Do you give gifts on Father's Day? What is your go-to gift for your dad? Anything from this list you might consider?



Hi, my name is Meg. I figured you stop by this little space every now and then, but you may not know all that much about me. The little things, if you will. The things that make me, me. So I started this "5 things" series to let you in on the random details of my life. Here we go!

1 | I copy accents.
I have this weird habit of picking up other peoples' accents and way of speaking. If I spend a significant amount of time around someone, I will begin saying certain words the way they do. This also happens when I watch too much of a TV show. I'll start speaking like my favorite character(s). Ha! #nerd

2 | There was once a great roller blading accident.
If you've been around here for a while, you will have heard about my many accidents. This one time, back in middle school, I was roller blading with friends in our neighborhood. Well, as I was coming down a steep hill and around a curve, I must have caught a little rock or tiny twig, which made one foot go all wonky. I lost all control and went flying across the pavement, tearing up my arms and elbows and tshirt. I still have the scars to show for it!

3 | I love playing board games.
Board games that challenge me to think and strategize are some of my favorites. I am fiercely competitive, and that side of me sometimes comes out in the midst of game time and tends to surprise people...since a lot of people see me as quiet and reserved.

4 | I'm a little bit scared of haircuts.
I think this fear is the product of some traumatizing haircuts growing up, but I now only go get my hair cut a couple of times a year. Partly because I hate paying for it, and partly because I'm scared something will go terribly wrong like the hairdressers hand slipping and cutting off a foot of hair instead of an inch.

5 | I am a night owl AND an early bird.
My best friend always laughs at me for this. I stay up way too late every night but also can't really sleep past 6:30 in the morning. I can't help it! I try to force myself to sleep in sometimes on the weekends, though. There is just too much to see and do and not enough hours in the day! So I stay up late and get up early.




Happy June, friends! I can't believe it, but I've been in Colorado for a month already. As the best friend says, "time flies when you're stressed and overwhelmed." Ha! It's true. There is a lot going on these days, so I'm keeping my monthly goals very practical. Let's take a quick look at last month!


1 | Start visiting churches - Sure have! A sweet friend of mine and I have visited a couple of churches together, which has made this whole process less intimidating. I've decided it will be good for me to take the whole summer to visit churches before deciding where I feel the Lord wants me to be.

2 | Meet people - I have spent lots and lots of time with people. Granted, a lot of that time has been with my best friends, but they continue to introduce me to new friends, and slowly but surely, community will grow.


1 | Take a class - Did you know REI offers free classes? I've signed up for a couple of them, and this month's is on nature photography. I always want to continue challenging myself to learn new things.

2 | Be intentional - I think it's so important after moving away from home to be intentional with your time and with your friends. This means putting time into my friendships here and those that are long distance. Making time for the new friendships while never forgetting the importance of cultivating the ones that came first.




The first adventurer I ever knew was my dad. I grew up in an outdoorsy type family, and the majority of our vacations consisted of backpacking trips, canoeing and kayaking, bike riding, and exploring the great outdoors.

When I was a little girl, we spent a couple of weeks every summer at a camp on a lake. My dad would sometimes wake me up early, before the sun had appeared, and take me down to the lake. We'd hop into a canoe, and he'd paddle us back into the slough where nature was just beginning to stretch its arms and wipe its sleepy eyes. I can still remember the sights and sounds of those mornings: birds chirping, blue heron swooping low over the lake, bugs gliding across the glassy water, hungry fish jumping and splashing, deer grazing on the shore, and the paddle dipping in and out of the water.

My dad also taught me the importance of being prepared and endeavored to equip me with the necessary skills. He taught me the best way to pack a backpack, basic wilderness survival, and how to build a really killer campfire. He taught me to look out for the little things, to be aware of my surroundings, and to let my hot chocolate cool before taking a sip. I didn't always listen...so many burnt tastebuds. ;)

The sense of awe and wonder I felt in the outdoors as a child stayed with me through the years, and I owe part of that to my dad. He is the one who instilled in me the importance of adventure, of endless exploring, of always seeking new things, of sitting in silence and soaking up the sights and sounds. He is and forever will be a lover of the outdoors and one of my favorite adventurers.

Eddie Bauer's Stanley products are all about celebrating the outdoor lover, and if your dad (or uncle, or brother, or granddad) is anything like mine, this just might be the perfect Father's Day gift for him this year. My dad can never have enough outdoor gear, and it is always my go-to product for gift giving.

The Stanley Classic Vacuum Bottle is one of the must-haves in my opinion. How else are you going to transport the million cups of coffee you need in order to wake up each morning? :) Also, this big guy keeps your drink of choice hot and/or cold for twenty-four hours. Mind blown. Pair it with the Vacuum Mug, and you'll be golden, sipping on sweet goodness for hours around the campfire or out on the trail.

Stanley's thermoses are perfect for any outdoorsman in your life, and being products that are built for life, they will be passed down to future adventurous generations in the years to come. Just think of all the fun stories they could tell if they could talk!

Are you an outdoor adventure lover? Who inspires you to be an explorer? Have you thought about giving the gift of Stanley this Father's Day? Give a lasting and meaningful gift that inspires adventure!



1. My weekend was full of friendship time from game nights to volunteering at the Walk for Life! Also, free chick-fil-a, coffee, and cotton candy may or may not have been involved.

2. Have you picked up a copy of Naptime Diaries' Abide journal yet? You can get 30% off with the code RIVERSANDROADS. I have started the study and think it is going to be so good for my heart this summer.

3. This week was a good one for coffee dates. I love the conversations that can happen over a delicious cup of caramel coffee goodness. Lives and hearts are shared.

4. We adventured, we breathed in the fresh air, and I rolled my ankle. Guys, I was about two feet from the safety of my car (so close, yet so far), turned to talk to my friend, rolled my ankle on some uneven ground, and fell in front of a parked car full of people. I'm sure it was entertaining for everyone. ;)

-- Tangled comes to TV?? Ahhh!
-- A Father's Day gift guide.
-- Take me here.
-- I would like to be present for this at least once in my life.
-- Lifestyle shoots are my favorite.
-- My current favorite quote.

The Worley Co.
A Coffee Date | VOL. 4
Abide Journal | Giveaway




Tell me something. What do you think it means to abide?

The dictionary defines this word in a few different ways.

ABIDE (v.) 
To remain, continue, stay.
To wait for.
To accept without opposition or question.

That is a difficult concept for us. To stay where we may not want to be. To wait for what we desire. To accept our circumstances without question. All the while holding onto the hope that Jesus knows what he is doing. Let me tell you, friends, in the few years I have been on this earth, there has never been a day when Jesus didn't know what he was doing in my life. He has always had a reason, a plan, and a purpose. I might not have understood it at the time, but he called me to wait, to be patient, and to abide in him. Looking back on all of those times, I can now see clearly that he was at work all along even when it felt as if my life wasn't going anywhere. I want to encourage you to remember those times of remaining, of waiting, are not a waste.

Naptime Diaries' new ABIDE journal walks through this principle as it goes hand in hand with the Fruits of the Spirit. I love how they say in the journal that abiding and the fruits aren't about us or our strength and what we can or cannot handle. They are both about Jesus and our walking with him as he works in us and continually molds our hearts and lives to look more like him.

I'm seriously excited to go through this journal, to dwell on Jesus' words, and to practice living out the Fruits of the Spirit as Jesus continues to teach me what it looks like to live a life seeking him and making him known. This journey is a lifelong process, and I am so thankful to know Jesus never gives up and never stops working and never stops teaching me how to live and love better.

And I am sure of this, that he who began a good work in you will bring it to completion at the day of Jesus Christ. Amen.

Today I wanted to give you the chance to win one of these journals for yourself. I hope you are encouraged and I hope this study helps you to grow in your walk with Jesus. This would also be a perfect little study to go through with your small group...great for a short summer series! Use the code RIVERSANDROADS for 30% off anything in the Naptime Diaries store! XOXO.

HERE'S YOUR CHANCE TO WIN! This giveaway is run via Rafflecopter with several ways to enter! In exactly one week the giveaway will close, one winner will be selected at random and announced! The winner will be contacted by email. All entries will be verified, so please play by the rules! Good luck and may the odds be ever in your favor!

a Rafflecopter giveaway
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I'll pick you up this afternoon and we'll head to a cute and new-to-me coffee shop downtown. I smile to myself the whole way there knowing that we get to do this anytime we want now that we finally live in the same city. After ordering our drinks, plain latte for you, caramel latte for me, we find a table outside. The weather feels delicious today. It's a perfect Colorado summer day, the southern humidity I'm used to is nowhere to be found, and my prone-to-friziness hair is relieved.

You ask how I'm doing with this big move and transition to a new state and a new job. You already know how this past month has gone, but being the friend you are, you know I need to verbally process it. I'll tell you about work; how I'm slowly learning what my job looks like and figuring out the different personalities of my new coworkers. It's been so fun getting to work around some of my old camp friends, and it brings back all kinds of memories from my days at Eagle Lake.

This move was much harder for me than I expected. From the crazy weather we experienced during the first days here, to telling my mom goodbye at the airport, to starting a new job, to living with a new family...it was all a bit more overwhelming that I had anticipated. I planned on being here for a few weeks before any homesickness appeared. I thought I'd feel like I was on vacation for a while before the homesickness snuck in, but no, I was immediately homesick for my home, my family, and my friends.

I'll tell you how often I cry openly in public these days. Out of no where a deep sadness or heartache will hit me and tears will uncontrollably stream down my face. I'll tell you that for the first couple of weeks, I cried every time I hung up the phone with my family. You'll smile that gentle smile of yours because you remember when I pulled up to your house with waterfalls cascading down my face after a simple phone call with my dad. You just hugged me there on the sidewalk and told me it was okay. Those tears are the result of grief over leaving the place I call home, and the transition is named that for a reason. It is a process.

I'll tell you that I had to fight back tears in church on Sunday when they announced their youth group was heading to Chattanooga for a summer missions trip. Any mention of the south or my home makes my heart ache and chokes me up a bit. I think it may always be that way.

You tell me that I'm not crazy for crying all the time, for not always feeling happy, for being confused, overwhelmed, or even frustrated. You say it's all a part of this transition and it is normal to feel all the things I'm feeling. You remind me of the process and the prayer it took for me to move here, and you'll tell me Jesus is not surprised by any of this. He brought me here for a purpose, and he is revealing that day by day.

Although the move was hard, I can't help but smile when I say I live here. I've wanted to say that for so long, and it feels a little surreal now that it's actually happened. I'm amazed by this place every time I leave the house for work, I marvel at snow-covered Pikes Peak, and I'm in love with the way the afternoon light spills over Garden of the Gods and the ranges behind. I hope to never lose the sense of wonder I feel when I see those sights.

I remember a quote I wanted to tell you about from Shauna Niequist that says "There is a season for wildness and a season for settledness, and this is neither. This season is about becoming." Those are words I have been pondering for the past week, and I think they were the perfect ones for me to hear. This season is not wild and crazy, but it is also not calm and settled. This season for me is about learning my purpose here, where I need to invest my time, what my community looks like, and who I am becoming in Jesus as I live my life in a new home.

We take a look at the time and realize we better head home. Before we go, I want to thank you for walking through this transition with me. For loving me in the hard moments, for making me laugh, for sitting with me when I cry, and for reminding me of what is right and true and good.

I drop you off at your house, and as I walk back to my car, with the sun shining down on me, I smile to myself because toady I felt more at home here than I ever have.