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READING | Let's be honest. I haven't gotten around to reading too much this summer. I'm in the midst of reading the Maze Runner series as well as Fahrenheit 451. I also really want to read Savor by Shauna Niequist. We'll put that on my list to read by the end of the year. ;)

MISSING | Outdoor adventures in Tennessee. Back home I liked to do a lot of kayaking as the summer begins to cool off and we head into autumn. It's the perfect weather for heading out to the lake and paddling for a day. Some friends and I are trying to make some adventure plans for autumn in Colorado, and I'm really looking forward to those!

CRAVING | Caramel lattes. All day every day. So far in my coffee shop exploration, I've found I love them best at Wild Goose Meeting House in downtown Colorado Springs.

LISTENING | Ben Rector's new album has been on repeat for the past two weeks. I also can't stop listening to a couple new singles from Jon Mclaughlin. Oh and this gem featuring Ed Sheeran. I'm pretty sure anything he sings is pure gold. What are you listening to these days?

WATCHING | Doctor Who! #nerdalert The newest season is out on Netflix finally, so the Mayberrys and I get together to watch an episode or two when we can. :)