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1 | A few weeks later, and I am still daydreaming about Maroon Bells. It was magnificent and beautiful and rugged and majestic. It was all the things you'd want Colorado to be.

2 | Just because autumn in Colorado is drop dead gorgeous doesn't mean I don't still miss my beautiful Tennessee mountains. I think a part of me always will because it is my home. :)

3 | We had a few rainy days last week, and decided to take advantage of the moody skies for an opportunity to practice some photography skills.

4 | Yesterday morning, we woke up before the sun and headed to one of my favorite spots close to home. Beth had suggested we soak up the sunrise before church, and I am so glad we did. Sometimes you need some time in nature to stop and stare and wonder at the glory of it all.

This mug, please.
Can I drive down a road like this?
Timing is everything.
Get your calendar for 2016!
This girl is rocking the costumes this year.

Maroon Bells




Since moving to Coloardo, I have come to learn that just because people may be natives to the Rocky Mountain state doesn't mean they've been to some of the coolest and prettiest spots practically in their backyard. I guess that is true for people in any state, but as someone who wants to see all of the beautiful places as soon as possible, it blew my mind a little. I can't live in this state and NOT explore every chance I get.

A couple of weeks ago, hours before the sun would rise, I hopped in the car with some friends and headed up to Maroon Bells. We drove through towns I still have yet to see (it was dark, duh.), crossed over Independence Pass, and made our way to the final destination. I'd heard about this place and I had seen pictures, but nothing prepares you for seeing it in person. It was honestly one of the prettiest and most breathtaking sights I have ever seen. As if the place isn't pretty enough already, the yellow Aspens were also showing off, making the scene even more golden. See what I did there? ;)

After spending some time taking it all in, and capturing a ridiculous amount of pictures, we headed up the trail and through the Aspens to Crater Lake, which was a brand new kind of beautiful in itself. You know those moments when you ask yourself "Is this real life??" This day was full of them. I am constantly amazed by the beauty and majesty of the outdoors, and thankful for the Creator who designed it all for our enjoyment and his glory.

Fair warning: This post is basically an insane photo dump. Sorry not sorry. I honestly couldn't narrow them down because they ALL make me heart eyes for dayssss.

Are you a Colorado Native? Have you ever been to Maroon Bells? If not, go immediately. ;) What is a favorite spot you love to explore in your home state? Tell me all the things! Happy adventuring!