It's that time of year, you guys. I'm talking about Christmas time! While many of you are super prepared and have all of your Christmas shopping done, I've barely gotten started. I LOVE giving gifts. I try to be creative every year with gift giving, looking for new things, and finding new ways to give. Here's the thing, if I'm being honest. I love the gift giving, but I don't really love the gift wrapping. I have never been very good at the actual presentation of the gifts. I have friends who give the cutest brown paper packages tied up with string, and I'm all like, "I got this for you, and I threw it in a cute bag with some glittery paper." I'm basically one of the laziest gift wrappers in all the land.

This year I threw together a little gift basket full of good ol' Stanley gear that I knew all of my outdoor adventure loving friends could appreciate. I've already gone around the office and handed out some Stanley goodies to a few of my coworkers. Just doing my best to spread Christmas cheer all month long. ;)

Classic Vacuum Pint 16oz. 
Adventure Happy Hour 2x 
SystemAdventure SS Flask 5oz.

What's your favorite way to present gifts? Do you go the gift basket route or pretty paper packages? Do you have any Stanely products? Which ones are your favorites to use on your adventures?