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LOCATION: Bear Creek Park 
OUTFIT DETAILS: Barbary Chaco Boots | Outdoor Research Aria Vest | Patagonia Pullover

I am currently surviving, and I might even say thriving, through my first winter in Colorado. Little did I know when I moved here that I was moving to the land of ice and snow. "We hardly get any snow here" they said. "Hardly any snow" to me means the once or twice a year we get approx. 2 inches of snow in Tennessee. Apparently in Colorado that means snow once a week. ;) But for someone who LOVES snow, this is good news!

I've lost count of how many snow days we've had so far this winter, but I like to get out and stomp around in it whenever I get the chance. One chilly afternoon, we put on our jackets (like three of them...layers are essential) and our trusty Chaco boots and headed out to brave the elements, breathe the fresh air, and try to keep our fingers and toes from falling off in the process. Guysssss, I just got my Barbary boots this winter, and they came just in time. I needed a practical pair of shoes to wear on the reg. here in Colorado for the wintry days, and these completely fit the bill. Cute, comfortable, great arch support, wool, and waterproof leather. What else could you ask for? And you can wear the collar folded up or down...just depends on how sassy you're feeling that day. I wear them folded up because I'm sassy errrryday. ;)

That afternoon in the snow was filled with laughter, cold fingers, and rosy cheeks. There need to be more days like that, but maybe we'll bring hand warmers next time? I'm so thankful for the sweet friends who know my heart for the outdoors, and who are willing to bundle up and find adventures with me in the great wide somewhere. Get out and explore the winter wonderland where you live!

Now is your chance to win your own pair of Chacos! I promise whatever shoe option you go with from Chaco, you won't be disappointed. They are a product that last a lifetime. Tell me what adventures you'll take in these shoes!

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Note to self. This year: Spend a lot of time with people. Be vulnerable. Be brave. Be willing to put your heart out there. I know it's terrifying, but do it anyway. I promise no matter the outcome, it's worth it. You will learn so much about yourself and you will grow from it. Keep offering people grace. And forgiveness. Always be more heart and less attack. Listen first. Listen well. Then speak. Say "I love you" more. Really mean it. Read more. More scripture. More books. Books that challenge you. Books that wrap you up and sweep you off to another world on a daring adventure. Say "hello" to strangers. (Or sing Adele's "Hello" at them. It might be more entertaining that way.) Smile at them. Really smile. You never know what kind of day they are having. Don't take your city for granted. Explore more. Drive up into the mountains at least once a month. Make a bucket list for this year. For each season. Where are the places you want to go? GO. Take more pictures. Capture moments that make you feel something. Don't share them all. Keep some memories just for you. Those moments you share just with Jesus. Laugh hard. Laugh loud. And don't ever be embarrassed by that. Cry when you need to. Don't let anyone make you feel weak for having emotions. They are healthy. Write more letters by hand. They are timeless. Give more. More of your time. More of your heart. Life fully in every season. Don't wait until the next one arrives. Learn a new skill. Practice it over and over. When you are with your friends, BE PRESENT with them. Put down the phone. Roll the windows down and let the wind mess up your hair. There is something so freeing about that. Be yourself. Stay weird. Don't lose the things that make you quirky. It's part of who you are. Don't let anyone make you hide in your shell. You are someone worth knowing fully. Never stop choosing joy. I know it's tough in this broken world, but choose it anyway. No matter what, have courage and be kind. Seek Jesus in everything. You need him for all the days.



1 | Walks at work in the snow are some of my favorite. The Glen is always a peaceful place, but an extra quietness falls when the snow is coming down.

2 | I needed some extended time with Jesus last week, so I drove to one of my favorite little spots to sit, read the Word, listen to a lot of I Am They, and to simply be alone and be still. It was some of the most refreshing time my heart has had in a long while.

3 | Oh guys. The best friend and I discovered the CUTEST coffee shop last week. It is in an actual tiny house. I about died. I love tiny houses. We sat and talked with the owners for a while, swapping stories, and caught up on life while sipping on our go-to lattes.

4 | I am constantly overwhelmed and in awe of this beautiful state of mine, and I hope I never get used to it. I hope I never lose that sense of wonder I feel.

I've been loving this quote.
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Um. Love this adorable Mary Poppins print.
Road trip essentials.
I need more of this in my life.

So you might be wondering where I've been (or maybe you haven't wondered at all) but I'm about to tell you anyway. There has been a lot of learning and processing and growing over the past few months, and I honestly have not had the energy to give time to this space. Instead of sharing with you, I journaled a lot more, and Jesus and I talked through several things. I want to be back here more, but I can't promise how often or how consistent it will be for a bit. What I can promise is genuine heart talk while sharing my adventures and stories with you over this next year. I'd be honored if you'd join me for the journey. I think you guys are awesome sauce.