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Hi friend! I am so glad you are here! Please grab a seat in a comfy chair and stick around awhile. :)

My name is Meg. I am a southern girl. Born and raised in Tennessee. I was raised by a pair of quiet adventurers who instilled in me an unquenchable spirit of adventure.  A few of my summers were spent in Colorado, and it now holds half of my heart and is my new home. Autumn is my favorite season, and Christmas is my favorite holiday. I love caramel lattes, nerdy BBC shows (like Sherlock and Doctor Who), Chaco tans, the great outdoors, all things Disney, and making new friends. I wish we could all sit down for coffee and share stories because I'm kind of into that sort of thing.

Rivers and Roads was created as a space that values community and authenticity. I hope you always feel welcome, encouraged and inspired when you drop by for a visit. I want this blog to be a space where we can all grow together in community as we reach out and invite others to join the journey. Whether you are a blogger, a small business or shop owner, an obsessive DIYer, an adventure seeker, a Disney lover, a chaser of everyday moments, an ambitious creative, or a talented dreamer, this place is for you! 


McKenna Phillips said...

Hello Meg! My name is McKenna Phillips, and I started my own blog "www.thatgoodlifevibe.blogspot.com" about 2 months ago (give or take). It's my new passion, and it's blogs like yours that make me want to get better and better everyday! :) You said to get comfey and stay awhile..... and that's exactly what I did! I cannot get off your blog!! Lol.... I just wanted to let you know that I think your blog is awesome, and I put your button on my page :) I look forward to all your posts to come. Have a great night, lots of love..... McKenna!

Phoebe said...

Why hello fellow TN blogger!
I'm over here in Knoxville and I gotta say, I'm so so excited to have found your blog!
How long have you been writing?
Looking forward to reading lots more!
Have an amazing day!

Sarah Spencer said...

Absolutely love your blog, Meg! Lots of love from over in Nashville. Yay, TN! <3 Looking forward to your posts!

Joel Arnold said...

Beautiful site! Great pics!